SOL+TIERRA+COLORESEclipses are the most dramatic astro-numerology events we can experience.

They get us to pay attention to areas in our life we might otherwise ignore – areas that need to change.

So, they shake our world, and thus ultimately enable us to move to another level of maturity.

Eclipses bring this change on VERY rapidly.

All Eclipses occur in pairs – a New Moon or Solar Eclipse followed by a Full Moon or Lunar Eclipse.

They also occur in “families”. For 18 – 24 months a particular family of signs is activated repeatedly.

Right now we are in the Virgo – Pisces family and Aries – Libra family.

If you are an Aries, Virgo, Libra or Pisces or your rising sign or Moon lies in one of those four signs, you have been going through a major transformation which continues now and in 2016.

However, for everyone eclipses mark a major turning point.

(Even if nothing happens in your life, you’ll be experiencing shifts through family and friends around you.)

You’ll also find with eclipses that something ends, and something new begins.

The first of two eclipses, a VIRGO Solar Eclipse on Sunday, September 13 marks a moment of powerful new beginnings. Solar eclipses bring fresh starts and amazing new opportunities.

13 symbolizes empowerment through life, death and rebirth.

During this New Moon Eclipse, the Sun and Moon are forming a harmonious trine to Pluto, also at 13° and a planet that ALSO governs life, death and rebirth.

So the endings leading to new beginnings factor is super magnified by this New Moon Eclipse.

The role of any eclipse is to reveal the truth about a part of your lifeusually in a riveting and unexpected way. You are given information or an experience that changes you forever and acts as a catalyst for a shift, decision or new action you take.

So make a note of all the symbols and signals you’re gettin this weekend.

Something is about to change…

If the eclipse occurs on or near your birthday or nearly opposite your birthday (6 months from your birthday –> so if you’re birthday is mid March for this first Eclipse or late March/early April for the big Supermoon eclipse in two weeks), OR if one of these eclipses occurs on your rising sign or in your Moon sign, you're even more affected. Plus, you want to pay special attention to your health.

Here’s all the important info you need for Sunday’s big moment:

In this video I also talk about an equally magnificent day, September 17, when three astro-numerology events occur AT ONCE…

The moments surrounding this first New Moon eclipse on September 13 and the events four days later on September 17 will bring the energy of the year to a climax.

Be sure to watch this highly important Eclipse forecast.

Have a wonderful, life-changing Eclipse Sunday!

Love and Blessings,


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