Happy Thanksgiving! Today in America we celebrate a beautiful reminder to be grateful for ALL of life… and everyone in it!

With the Stellium of Jupiter/Saturn/Pluto in Capricorn culminating this weekend we are experiencing a shift of major proportions.

These three planets have not joined together in Capricorn in 4,000 years!

Now you can actively participate in the profound stellar intensification and elevate your life forever.

There is only Oneness.

Even as our Soul is incarnated into a human body, we can know that Oneness exists.

Oneness in astrology is experienced as a conjunction, when one or more planets merge together in the exact same place in the heavens.

For this triple conjunction or stellium the planets are:

Jupiter – Divine Wisdom, Joy, Justice, Expansion, Gratitude

Saturn – Being Responsible and Responsive with Maturity

Pluto – Uncovering and Purging the Shadow manifests Empowerment

Essentially the message is that the Divine is in everyone.

There is nothing on this Earth that is not D