Are you ‘seeing’ your life from a fresh new place?

Getting a big picture understanding that has eluded you before now?

A portal has opened… You are seeing with new eyes, as if for the first time.

Multi-dimensional portals are new gateways of energy.

In the coming weeks and months you are being energetically lifted through a gateway of divine intelligence and “seeing the light” – grasping your life with the awareness of a sage.

With Saturn conjunct the Galactic Center we have entered a womb of destiny.

You are being cradled, so you can come to terms, go within and see with greater awareness.

Things that eluded you before are now revealed.

It is a moment of Truth – of profound Revelations.

Mercury stationed retrograde on Sunday (after Saturn last Thursday and before Pluto in eight days!) and is now starting to inch backwards in the sign of Taurus.

Venus is stationing now at 27° Pisces poised to change directions on Saturday!

Mercury retrogrades invite you to reflect on your communication skills, speaking demeanor and how your thoughts connect the dots… Venus retrogrades invite you to reflect on how you love and what your partner means to you, the value beauty plays in your life, and how you will restructure your abundance attraction plans.

Here’s what makes this a Retrograde Revelation moment…

  • Venus has slowed down to a standstill reaching the end of its retrograde cycle. This is the time of greatest intensity!
  • Mercury is just stationing retrograde in Taurus – Venus' own sign.
  • Saturn has just stationed retrograde  and is also a standstill.
  • Saturn’s is poised at 27° Sagittarius – pointing to the Center of our Galaxy.
  • Venus is changing directions at 27° Pisces – exactly 90° square Saturn.

Could it get anymore dynamic than this?

27 is the number of unconditional love, universal and personal empathy, service to humanity – and letting go. What is being released in your life? Especially emotionally…

How are you being asked to LOVE – at a HIGHER vibration?

Venus is the planet of LOVE and ruled the amazingly gorgeous Libra Full Moon yesterday.

Saturn is a planet of timing – Chronos. During a major Saturn transit we create powerful moments of manifestation that are connected to our Karma.

With Venus and Saturn dancing together at 27° at Galactic Center – you are discovering and manifesting true love.

This is a wonderful stabilizing influence on your life as Saturn in Sagittarius gives a bit thumbs up to staying true to your spiritual values – that which fulfills you to the core of your being, stirs your soul and invokes bliss…

A new destiny is being manifested within you in alignment with your SOUL.

Born of love and light.

What is it that you are experiencing now that is revelatory? Is it revelations about a lover? Or are you releasing an old way of living – ENDING a way of life and EMBRACING a new one?

These aren't overnight AHA moment but revelations that clarify how your life has shifted over the past year or more!

So much has been downloaded in recent months as the Portal opens…

Take time now to meditate, rest and reflect.

It’s a perfect opportunity to focus on aligning with your true destiny. And knowing in advance how your personal cycles are going to unfold is so integral to navigating these galactic energy surges with grace and gratitude!

Your birthday pulsates to a living code, a divine map that unfolds to the cycles of your life. When you naturally align with your cycles, opportunities open, manifestation is easy, and your confidence soars.

Stop resisting your destiny – start the path your soul designed to prosperity and peace today.

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