Thanksgiving is a wonderful time to reflect on the meaning of gratitude – and the profound feeling it generates when invoked by experience.

When you voice your gratitude to others for the blessings in your life, you literally create an internal vibrational shift.

What you may not realize is that there are other words contained in ‘gratitude’ called anagrams (words made from the letters of GRATITUDE’), which are released into the universe when you are being grateful.

For example, gratitude contains the words TRADE, DUET and DEAR.

There is a ‘trade’ you make with the energetic frequency of the person you sharing your gratitude with – an energy exchange!

In other words, Gratitude is a beautiful ‘duet’ between you and the universe.

Those who receive your gratitude are ‘dear’ to your heart.

The big secret of gratitude is that, within the word are invoked the powerful numbers 3 and 4 – the Triad of perfection and the Manifestation of the divine into matter.

In the ancient Chaldean system I use for your current name in readings, ‘gratitude’ is a 30 word. 30 is 3 +0 – the triad and the divine circle.

Three symbolizes the TRIAD – a word that exists in GRATITUDE.

Moreover, the word TETRA is also embedded in gratitude. ‘Tetra’ means “four”.

So, the words TRIAD and TETRA together in GRATITUDE invoke the numbers 3 and 4.  Why is this important?

Because 3 and 4 are the building blocks of the pyramid!

View a pyramid from the top, and you see a square – representing the number 4.

See the same pyramid from the side and it is a triad – 3.

Pyramids exist worldwide in nearly every culture because this monument signifies the relationship of humans to God.

Numbers 3 and 4, represented in GRATITUDE as TRIAD and TETRA, form the pyramid.

How beautiful that ‘gratitude’ also contains the words “TREAT” and “GREAT” within it. It is a treat to give love, and it feels great!

Gratitude also acts as a GUARD, a TIGER (animal representation of the word). When you are grateful and give back, you are guarding that which inspires and uplifts you.

Gratitude is a TRUE GUIDE to the divine.

In the Pythagorean numerology system I use for your birth certificate name, ‘Gratitude’ adds up to 42. This is a very sacred number in Ancient Egyptian numerology which has 42 gateways to the soul.

The final 42nd gateway is symbolized by the angelic frequency –  “Love is the only Reality.”

42, 4+2, adds up to 6, the number of love and abundance.

Gratitude and love are one and the same.

Try loving without feeling grateful – or feeling gratitude without love! It’s impossible!

Whenever you can, thank the universe for every experience and every person who has walked across your path. ALL have contributed to your growth

Happy Thanksgiving!

With Gratitude and Love,

Tania Gabrielle

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