Next week the Summer Olympics begin in London and many inspiring stories will abound.

One athlete has already captured much attention – and controversy. He is middle distance runner Oscar Pistorius.

Pistorius is not just any world-class runner. He is the first ever amputee to win a spot to the Olympics. Pistorius will compete in both the 400 meter sprint and 400 meter relay team for South Africa. No paralympic athlete has ever crossed into able-bodies Olympics territory before now.

This athlete has inspired so many already that Time Magazine named him “one of the most influential people in the world.”

His birth numerology reveals Pistorius’ strengths and his purpose.

Oscar Pistorius was born on 11.22.1986.

The 22 Day of Birth is a double digit ‘Master Number’ bringing great intensity to his life. 22/4 describes someone who builds his or her empire step by step and ultimately embodies the Architect of Peace.

Oscar is very creative and well-spoken, qualities derived from his 30/3 Life Purpose (sum of his full birthday). This makes him a wonderful and magnetic spokesperson for his mission.

Pistorius is born in the 86th year of the century assuring contact with media-related matters. 86 adds up to 14, the Media Number.

His birth name resonates to a perfect number for him – 116 – which reduces to 8. Many great athletes and leaders have 8s in their birth blueprint. 8 imbues survival, persistence, great energy reserves and the ability to gain strength by overcoming obstacles.

8 is the infinity sign – leaving behind a legacy.

Oscar Pistorius certainly is doing just that. And right now his current numbers’ cycles are helping him step up in a brand new way.

In November he began a NEW 9-year cycle – with his 10/1 Personal Year

Any new 9-year cycle brings a new outlook, new goals, new opportunities and a renewal on life

The controversy surrounding Pistorius concerns his carbon fiber prosthetics. He had both his legs amputated below the knee at 11 months of age. The curved blades Pistorius uses have sparked a debate about whether they give him an advantage over ‘able bodied’ athletes.

Even the great middle-distance runner, Michael Johnson, who counts Oscar as a friend, weighed in today. Johnson feels with the ‘unknown’ factor of whether prosthetics help Pistorius or not, he should not run against able-bodied athletes.

It is no surprise Oscar Pistorius is the athlete to first blur the lines between Olympic and Paralympic Games – with controversy.

The strength revealed in his birth numbers is augmented by a challenging current name.

‘Oscar Pistorius’ adds up to 15.

15 is usually a magically fortunate name number. Your full birthday or Day of Birth add up to 4 or 8.

Oscar is born on the 22nd, and 22 adds up to 4.

As a result, his 15 current name brings both good fortune – but also challenges. With this combination of current name and birthday others will use dark tactics against him.

Pistorius will certainly make waves during the Olympics.

The numbers during his big races tell the story…

Round 1 for the 400m race takes place on August 4, and it just so happens that this day is a 22 Personal Day for him. So the number 4 gets activates both by the actual August 4 date AND his own personal birth number of 22/4. A grand – very controversial – beginning.

Semifinals take place on August 5.

It’s expected Pistorius will make it this far. If so, he will run on a day that attracts lots of Media attention for him. The question will be – can he make it to the finals, and if so, is that fair?

IF he makes the Olympic Finals they will be run on August 6, activating his 15/6 current name. Either way Pistorius be a big part of the story that day, whether he runs or not.

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