Just flew home from Florida where I’ve been the last six days. Today I can watch from a distance as McCain and Romney run for Governor of the state.
First my thoughts on what happened yesterday.
While I was up 38,000 feet on a plane, Ted and Caroline Kennedy endorsed Obama. It was a BIG day for Barack and followed Saturday’s romp over Hillary in South Carolina. Saturday happened to be a double power day for Barack, meaning, his highly fortunate Personal Year was being doubled in his Personal Day. Plus, January is a great Personal Month him too.
What number did Barack have yesterday. A 33/6 Master Number and Leadership Number. Very fitting. Especially when you add it to the month and year equation.
I’ve mentioned before that Giuliani wouldn’t be the nominee in 2008 because of his Personal Year Number. That is proving to be correct. He’ll most likely bow out of the race tonight. Ironically, Mike Huckabee happens to have exactly the same Personal Month Number as Giuliani’s year. It hasn’t helped him either, even WITH a good Year number.
So, that leaves two candidates to battle it out today, John vs. Mitt.
It’ll be close. Looking at all possible variables I am going to pick Mitt Romney. Today he’s got a Number 1 Day, which directly lines up with his Number 1 Life Purpose Number and his 10/1 name. Having these three in 1s could be enough to give him the victory tonight.
McCain’s got good numbers too, though. So I'm not counting him out. This one is a tough call.
As for the forecast for Super Tuesday – Hillary will be back in the race. Her numbers really take off next month, so there’s no way she should be counted out, even with her husband’s campaign blunders.
Whew! It’s getting warm around here. If there’s any time to see how your name and numbers affect your life – it is Now. Reading your Personal Numerology Blueprint is like discovering who you are and what you’re here to do in living color. It doesn’t get brighter or better than this.
With Warm Regards,
Tania Gabrielle

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