Welcome June! In 2017 June carries a built-in advantage.

The 6th month in a 10/1 Universal Year resonates to the number 16.

So Numbers 1 and 6 are fused as one – in June's Universal Month vibration of 16!

It’s an unusual magnification! And here's what it means:

10 and 1 are the initiators. Like a burst of light, the energy surges until it breaks through and births a new life. 1 likes to innovate, achieve and succeed. 1 is the single-minded leader … and likes having the final word.

2017 adds up to the number 10/1 – a year of new beginnings, of birthing a new reality. 10 is made up of 1 (masculine) and 0 (feminine) to create the “God code of Instant Manifestation” and Love and Light.

10 reduces to the “root number” 1 showing that creation is a reflection of confidence, independence and originality.

6 is the cosmic parent, the nurturer. 6 opens our hearts to love, to embrace and accept others as they are. 6 ultimately symbolizes a devotion to healing, beauty and service. 6 puts the romance into life!

The number 16 symbolizes the independence, initiative and leadership of the 1 merged with the devotion, healing and love of the 6.

June’s 16 Universal Month invites you to seek the truth.

Turn within and TRUST your inner leader. Allow inspiration to lead the way…

Under the influence of 16 seeking the truth is often precipitated by an unexpected event – or a series of surprises which are meant to jolt us awake.

This way we have NO CHOICE but to turn within and TRUST the answers our soul speaks.

As the light of inspiration strikes, it symbolizes a bridge…

16 is a bridge aligning you to lead like a sage through constant prompts. It's like you're receiving a series of invitations to trust in the Divinity of YOU by bringing that divinity into your conscious awareness.

Original thought (1) merges with love and beauty (6) to create Heaven on Earth (7).

What a Wonderful opportunity to awaken!

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Love and Blessings

Tania Gabrielle

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