Yesterday I stepped into my studio and decided to check online for the news. I was shocked when I read Tim Russert had collapsed and died of a heart attack at NBC’s headquarters in Washington.
I always liked Tim Russert. He loved reporting on politics and politicians – his passion for life oozed from the tv screen.
He sure looked younger than his 58 years. Amazingly, I had just spent time with Tim Russert’s name and numbers a few weeks ago in preparation for a chapter in my new book about significant numbers in U.S. History.
Russert was a laywer, then a political staffer for Senator Patrick Moynihan and Governor Cuomo, after which he quickly became one of the finest, instinctive journalists ever. As Washington Bureau Chief for NBC News and moderator for the longest running show in television history, ‘Meet The Press’, Russert’s combination of talents made him unique and greatly admired.
He did not mince words and had this warm personality which immediately set people at ease even though they were often being grilled by him. This Irish-American was one of the few likeable journalists on television.
Time magazine named Russert one of the 100 most influential people in the world in 2008. He died at the peak of his career. And this fact brings me to his blueprint.
Russert’s personal numbers tie in directly with the history of U.S. politics. And so does his untimely death. Here’s why.
Tim Russert’s Destiny Number is an 88. 88 reduces to 16/7. Tim was born on May 7th. His current name ‘Tim Russert’ adds up to 16/7 in the Chaldean system.
So he had two 16s in his Personal Numerology Blueprint as well as 7 Day of Birth. 16 gave him inspiration, sudden illumination, and great power, and 7 an amazing thirst to learn coupled with an ability to digest and analyze information.
Yesterday I wrote about 16 attracting sudden events. With both a 16 Destiny and 16 current name, Russert’s sudden death depicts the other side of this powerful number. The ancient Chaldeans described someone with a 16 name as ‘a person with a crown on his head falling from a tower struck by lightning.’
This forecasts the unforeseen events 16 may attract – often at the pinnacle of a person’s life. Consider that the name ‘Abraham Lincoln’ adds up to 16.
His Life Purpose Number helped. It’s a 27/9 one of the key leadership numbers both spiritually and politicially.
It signified his wisdom, his philosophical bent, compassion for others and his strength of character. 27 gave him a great understanding about human nature and his subjects – politicians.
‘Meet the Press,’ which Tim Russert hosted for 17 years, was considered an essential step in any national politician’s career. Once when he was asked about his own views, he said they didn’t matter. He hit hard no matter whom he was interviewing.
Russert died on the 13th, a day of sudden changes and transformation. He was 58, which also adds up to 13.
June is a 16 universal month, another vibration for unforeseen, sometimes shocking events. 13/4 and 16/7 are two key numbers in U.S. political history, as you will soon read in my upcoming book.
Looking at the whole picture, including Russert’s 22/4 Personal Year, I see someone who played an essential role in U.S. politics. In fact, a few of his major interviews with incumbent Presidents and Presidential Candidates were news events in and of themselves.
Tim Russert truly reached the pinnacle of every one of his personal vibrations.
May he rest in peace.
Warmest Regards,
Tania Gabrielle

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