Growing up, my family celebrated on Christmas Eve. It’s a German tradition. So, on this Christmas Eve I want to tell you about the numbers for Jesus x. Christ.
Why the x. Have you noticed how people either use the spelling Xmas or get rid of the word Christmas altogether in favor of ‘Happy Holidays.’ No doubt some people write ‘Xmas’ because they are too busy or too lazy to write out the other name.
However, if people only knew the following.
‘Xmas’ adds up to 13. Not exactly the right feeling for this merry day.
More importantly, the word ‘Christmas’ contains the name ‘Christ.’ And therein lies a significant mystery.
‘Christ’ adds up to an 18/9. ‘Jesus’ is 18/9 name as well. When you add up the root numbers for ‘Jesus’ and ‘Christ’, 9 plus 9, you get exactly the same 18/9 value AGAIN. Stunning, but true.
It gets even more mysterious. The three words used frequently to identify him, ‘Jesus of Nazareth’, ALSO add up to 18/9. The root numbers for Jesus of Nazareth are 9 plus 6 plus 3, equaling 18/9. So, to sum up, ‘Jesus of Nazareth’ equals 18/9, ‘Jesus’ equals 18/9, ‘Christ’ adds up to 18/9 – and the two-word name ‘Jesus Christ’ is an 18/9.
WHY 18/9. It’s certainly not a number I recommend for a current name.
The 18 vibration was Jesus’ destiny – one he never attempted to avoid, as many others would want to. Notice too that 18 reduces to the single number 9 – symbol of the Alpha and the Omega.
The meaning of number 18 is mysterious. In essence this number symbolizes materialism striving to destroy the spirit. It represents someone who is connected to uprisings and revolutions. A person who is deceived by both friends and enemies. A pretty good description of the intense drama of Jesus’ life. And the essential mission he had.
You can see, why it’s not a number I would wish upon a mere mortal, if you get my drift.
Luckily, 18 reduces to 9, a fabulous number of compassion, leadership and a magnet for wealth and fame. The mystery of the 18/9 is that it gave Jesus the tools he needed to fulfill his challenging destiny. Look at what else this number represents.
9, containing all numbers from 1 through 9, is the number of beginnings and endings. Exemplified in the quote, ‘I am the Alpha and the Omega.’
9 gave Jesus the ability to see straight into the heart of any situation, to ‘see’ the heart of each person – without the elongated process of analysis. Getting to the point quickly is a key to a 9. The greatest 9 people infuse this ability with compassion.
Jesus’ entire life was influenced by the mysterious 3-6-9 triad.
He was found in the temple discussing profound spiritual truths with the Rabbis at age 12, and 12 adds up to 3. He began his public life at age 30 – again a 3. He was crucified at age 33, a master number adding up to 6. The 6 is a reversed 9 when you flip it upside down. He rose on the 3rd day.
Don’t forget those 18 ‘lost years’ between age 12 and 30, for which there is no recorded history – again, 18/9. And, as you have already seen, when you add up 3 – 6 – 9, you get 18.
On a final note, ‘Christmas Eve’ adds up to a 6. Notice too that the birth of Jesus is celebrated on the eve of a 24/6 day.
6 is the number of the cosmic parent, of home. The state of ‘Israel’ also adds up to 6. And ‘Love’ is a 12/3. This would indicate a strong 3-6-9 connection between Jews and Christians. The connection is deep and lasting, After all, Jesus was a Jew, and ‘Jew’ is a 12/3.
No matter your beliefs, take this quiet time at the end of 2007, a 9 Universal Year, to reflect, be still, and by all means – be merry.
Merry Christmas.
Tania Gabrielle
Sacred Numerologist

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