On Friday Venus moves into exact opposition with Uranus for the third and final time.

Something will be set free, let go, break away.

Due to Venus’ recent retrograde, the first two meetings took place Sep 12 and Oct 31.

Now we’re headed for the ultimate moment – balancing the energies of Love and Freedom in a way that may totally surprise you!

  • Venus asks – what do you VALUE most? What do you truly LOVE?
  • Uranus implores you to seek NEW horizons, to CHANGE it up.

How life can change from one moment to the next!

Venus opposite Uranus will especially impact your intimate, close relationships.

Whereas the first two oppositions took place in Scorpio (Venus) and Taurus (Uranus) which are FIXED signs, this third and final meeting occurs at 29° in Aries and Libra, CARDINAL signs.

Fixed signs are secure and stubborn.

Cardinal signs are about action and initiating NEW situations – they point the way FORWARD.

So notice how the dynamics in a part of your life are unfolding now… what is urging you internally to MOVE AHEAD now – when it previously felt stuck in place?

You are looking forward more progressively than ever!

  • Venus in Libra is in the sign it rules – bringing balance to your relationships.
  • Uranus in Aries fires up exciting new beginnings.

So, pay close attention to the internal shifts that are stirring you to ACT!

Follow your heart!

The only commitment you have to yourself is to be free, open and honest.

If it's a not a big thumbs UP…a big YES! – it's not worth your time or energy.

Venus opposite Uranus brings BOTH freedom and security… without one, the other is not fully implementable…

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