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The tragic events in Tucson
brought together many of the challenging qualities represented in numbers 11
/ 2 and 13 / 4 – all being triggered at one time.


Last Saturday, January 8, was a
13/4 Universal Day.


That is a major clue as to why the
energies that day were so potent – and could be used positively or negatively.


Keep in mind that numbers 4 and 8
have a fateful relationship to each other that is triggered when 4s and/or 8s
are in any combination.


This relationship is unique and only
applies these two numbers.


The date, January 8, 2011 equals
13/4 and activates both the 13/4 and 8 at once.

Many other triggers came together
on that tragic morning in Arizona.


The late U.S. Federal Judge, John
Roll, was in a 13/4 Personal Year.


Jared Loughner is also in a 13/4
Personal Year right now.


January 8 was a 22/4 Personal Day
for Loughner.


‘Jared Loughner' adds up to a 13/4
current name.


Christina Taylor Green, the young
girl who died, was born on 9/11.


Today, I am going to delve even deeper
into the numbers that were activated that morning in Tucson. I will show these
correlations using Astro-Numerology.


As an Astro-Numerologist, I first
create your Personal Numerology Blueprint. Then I take your astrological Birth
Chart and see specific energy patterns generated by the numbers of your natal
planets, houses and the sacred geometry contained therein.


Usually a strong pattern shows up
in relation to your birth name and birthday.


I check where the planets are placed in
the sky right now
for important numbers and aspects as they pertain to your
current life.


The combination of
Astro-Numerology allows for an incredible depth of understanding into your


I will use Jared Loughner as an


Two very important planetary
numbers from Loughner's astrology birth chart immediately caught my attention.


Jared Loughner's natal Sun sits at
18 degrees.


And his Sun and Moon oppose his
planet Mars, which lies at 9 degrees in Aries.


18/9 is a very powerful number. In
the negative, it signifies a person who is a revolutionary and a destroyer of
the spiritual side of nature. The positive is highly sensitive, deeply
compassionate – but can lean towards martyrdom.


With Mars opposing Loughner's
revolutionary sun – there is an added degree of warlike energy in action. At 9
degrees in Aries, his Mars is even more aggressive. This is because 9 is a
leadership number and Mars is the ruler of Aries, making Loughner even more
impulsive and temperamental.


Loughner's two 9's in his Astrological
Chart are reflected in his Numerology Blueprint. He has a 36/9 Life
Purpose Number. It is not unusual to see the same numbers being reflected in
some important part of each chart. 


His 18/9 Sun, 9 Mars and 36/9 Life
Purpose bring out strong pattern.


18 is two times
9 and 36 is two times 18. This triple 9 shows he is ‘full of himself'. The
circle on top of the 9 symbolizes having a ‘big head' or ego. And since there
is opposition from Mars – he  is
self righteous, constantly in conflict and needing to let out his natural


On the day of the massacre, Saturn
– the planet of Karma and feelings of imposed regulations – was at 16:55.


Jared's Destiny Number is 16.


Gabrielle Gifford's current name
is a 16.


16 symbolizes a person with a
crown on his or her head being struck by lightning and falling form a high
place. So it means, a sudden reversal of fortune.


On that fateful day, Saturn at
16:55 degrees was in conjunction with Loughner's planet Mercury – the ruler of
his sun sign Virgo.


His Mercury sits at 14 degrees.
What does 14 symbolize – the ‘Media' Number. Saturn at 16:55 adds to 17/8 – the Immortality Number.  The tragedy occurred on January 8. The astro-numerological combinations on that day show that this fateful event will be remembered in history by the Media for a long time.


Loughner's name, planets and
numbers reveal that he is a frustrated revolutionary, had many issues with
power, and led a very fateful existence.


Did he have to turn out this way?


For one, he carries around a 13/4
current name that intensifies all the negatives in his life. Changing that
frequency would have helped tremendously.


He also took drugs. And drugs will
always keep you from reaching your positive potential.


Astro-Numerology describes your inner and outer life in profound depth
and detail. You are born with special gifts and important lessons.
Understanding your astro-numerological birth frequencies allows you to activate
a life of success and happiness.


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