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California is about to enter a
very active cycle from now until 2016. The peak years are 2010, 2012, and


If you live in California you will
be experiencing changes – some will be quite dramatic.


Born on the 9th and
with a 32/5 Life Purpose, California is a major force in the world.
Interestingly, California has the same 32/5 Life Purpose number as the United
States. 32/5 resonates to freedom, risk, adventure and has a magical power to
sway masses of people.


With Silicon Valley the global
center of high technology, Hollywood the epicenter of the movie industry and
the San Joaquin Valley one of the world's largest providers of food – this
state has had a huge influence worldwide.


California's 52/7 Destiny Number
brings a strong interest in exploring scientific matters, philosophy and
mysticism. The 7 also has an isolating influence.


According to the ancient
Chaldeans, the number 52 also attracts upheaval.


The combination of 52/7 and 32/5 certainly
indicates sudden events – like earthquakes, fires and floods.


In 2010 California is in a 21/3
Personal Year. Notice the numbers 2010/3 and 21/3. Very similar. So everything
I've said about this Universal 3 Year applies to California as well.


Let's look at California's largest


While checking the numbers I made
a discovery. Most of the largest quakes occurred in odd numbered personal years
for the state. The most active years for California are 3, 5, 7 and 9 cycles.


This makes sense since California
has a 5 Life Purpose, a 7 Destiny and was born on a 9 Day. We'll see the
significance of the number 3 shortly.


The most recent Northridge
earthquake occurred in 1994, a 41/5 Personal Year for California. January 17
was a 50/5 Personal Day.


In 1992 California had three big
ones. A major 7.2 quake in Cape Mendocino, and an even larger 7.3 in Landers
and a 6.5 in Big Bear – the latter two on the same day.


These 3 quakes in 1992 occurred during
a 3 Personal Year for the state.


1812, the first year records were
kept, had two major earthquakes. A 7.5 in Wrightwood and a 7.1 in Santa
Barbara. Once again it was a 3 Personal Year for the future state of


The most well-known earthquake, a
7.8 magnitude, occurred in 1906. Notice that 1906 adds up to 16/7 indicating
sudden events and ‘a person or entity falling from a high place.' In 1906
California activated this number even more since the state was in a 34/7
Personal Year.


Another 7.8 earthquake occurred in
Owens Valley in 1872, a 36/9 Personal Year for California.


So you see how all the major birth
numbers for California 3, 5, 7 and 9 were triggered during cycles with the same


Back to 2010. This year the state
is experiencing another 3 cycle.


Here is why 3 plays a factor in
the state. California's first initial is a C – a letter that resonates to the
number 3.


Notice how many imaginative and
creative products originate from California. From music to movies, Apple Computer
to Silicon Valley, science and technology – the qualities that describe the 3 are
definitely expressed in performers and professionals who live there.


Keep in mind that 3 sits on a
rocker, just like the number 5. And since California has a 32/5 Life Purpose
AND a 32/5 current name number, you can see why there's always an air of
nervousness about the next big event.


When you add the 52/7 Destiny
Number to the mix, the 3-5-7 recipe becomes even more volatile.


Consider that California is the 3rd
largest state in the union, is 250 miles wide – which reduces to 7 – and 770
miles long – which has two 7's and reduces to 5.


So there are many clues.


What this all means is that
certain numerological cycles will activate the surprising elements for
California more strongly.


2010 happens to be the first year
of a long stretch where these numbers are even more active.


So if you live in California I strongly
suggest you have ample supplies for any event in the near future. Keep your gas
tank full, water and food stored, an emergency medical kit and supply of cash


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Warmest Regards,

Tania Gabrielle


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