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John, P. Wheeler, an ex-Pentagon
official, was found dead in a dumpster in Wilmington, Delaware in the early
hours of New Year's Eve.


What makes this story so unusual
is that Wheeler had earned TS/SCI – Top Secret / Special Compartmentalized
Information – clearance during his most recent government job. It's the kind of
clearance you ONLY get when you are in the inner circle of the Pentagon.


So he had access to top-secret
information at one point in his life if not at the end of it.


Question is, was he trying to
expose something to the public. When someone of Wheeler's clearance is
murdered, there is always a cover story to end speculation about the real


Many call this conspiracy. Others
refer to the cover story as disinformation. It is for each one of us to decide
which to believe. Right now, we don't have much to go on.


But the numbers show why Wheeler
was more vulnerable in December, 2010.


The first clue is given by Wheeler's
age at the time of his death. He was 66 years old.


66 reduces to 12/3, the Victim


3 is part of the 3-6-9 triad of
Emotional/Feeling Numbers.


This triad was activated in full
on the date of his death. For example, December was a 15/6 Personal Month for Wheeler.


He died on December 30/3.


On that day, Wheeler had an 18/9
Personal Day.


18/9 symbolizes deception from his
friends and enemies. 9 is also the number of Completion and Endings.


As it happens, Mr. Wheeler's
Destiny or Career number was 90/9. 90/9 ties in with 18/9 and shows that his
death was related to his career.


Wheeler had two current names.


His official name, ‘John P.
Wheeler', adds up to 21/3 and triggers his 66/12/3 age and Personal current


John Wheeler.png

He was also known as ‘Jack
Wheeler' to close friends and family.


Having two names does create a
challenge, It may indicate hiding between two different faces. Using more than
one current name dissipates your own personal frequency, because you are
‘split' into two, or more.


‘Jack Wheeler' adds up to 11/2 in
the Ancient Chaldean system I use for current names.


11 can make you feel divided with
an underlying feeling of incompletion running through your life. An 11 name can
also indicate that two different lives being lived at the same time – as would
be the case for a person who is involved in top secret government work.


11 is not a current name number I


As for Wheeler's final hours – we may
never know what really happened. The publicly released video footage show a man
who is obviously disoriented. His brain was already affected by something.


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