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This morning I was writing a check
for my daughter's school apparel and noticed it was 2.11.2011.


These numbers add up to 8 – meaning
today is a universal day of overcoming obstacles, gaining power and manifesting


Also, 211 and 2011 both add up to
4 – signifying double manifestation.


So, today you have a great opportunity
to focus your mind to manifest in a powerful way.


Remember, the numbers active in
your life, a country's life or the world will affect you whether you know about
numerology or not.


Look at the Egyptian people right


Egyptians have joined together as
a force in the last two weeks and left fear and victimization behind.


They don't ‘know' that Egypt is in
an 18/9 personal year – a cycle of revolution with the battle between
spirituality and materialism.


Yet Egypt's current personal cycle
has inspired them. 18 reduces to 9 – the King of numbers. Eyptians have taken
the powerful 18 and turned it into a positive revolution against a dictator. In
a current cycle, 9 indicates culmination and endings.


I'm sure most Egyptians did not
‘know' that January, the month they began their revolt, was a 1 Personal Month
for Egypt – signifying new beginnings amidst a 9 ending cycle.


The spirituality vs. materialism
made clear in an 18 cycle is obvious to anyone who is informed that Mubarak is
worth 50,000,000,000.00 – that is 50 billyon dollars – yet 40 percent of his
country earns 2 dollars a week.



If the Egyptian people ever learn
where Mubarak's wealth actually came from they will know to approach his
successor with extreme caution.


This is because, aside from power,
18 cycles can also bring deception.


And then there is Mubarak's name.


Egyptians do not know that ‘Hosni Mubarak'
resonates to 12/3.


12 is the Victim/Victimizer
number. We already know who he has been victimizing for 30 years now. Question
is, who is he a victim of. This will become more clear in 2011 – a year of
manifestation and walking through the gateway of truth.


Why is all coming to a head right
now? Two major reasons.


Egypt is born on the 18th
and is in an 18 Personal Year now – triggering the potential for social
upheaval and struggle for power.


President Hosni Mubarak has a 12/3
current name and is in a 12/3 Personal Year right now – triggering his 12/3
Victim/Victimizer name number.


The forces at play with numbers 12
and 18 are extremely dynamic – at the same time, the potential for a peaceful
revolution are as great as ever.


Let us focus on freedom from victimization
and reclaiming power, for Egypt and for us all.


And since every change begins at
home, check your name and make sure you are supported in the most positive way


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