Saturday Clay and I went to see (500) Days of Summer, a small independent film. 
I was intrigued by the title.


I knew 500 was a very fortunate number – one
that attracts people – and so checked the words in the title ‘Days of Summer'.
They too add up to a fortunate number, 21/3. Fittingly this little film, which
was shot in 30 days, is the
highest-grossing specialty release of the year.


It made me curious about another movie that got
a lot more attention earlier this year and is building up to big crescendo in
the weeks to come. You may have seen it.




Twilight took on a life of its own. The hysteria over Twilight
heartthrob Robert Pattinson is now so crazy, film producers have beefed up
security for their star, who is in Vancouver filming the third of the Twilight
saga films.


Yes, the second installment isn't even out yet, so it goes
to show you how popular this franchise has now become.


the sequel in the vampire-romance movie franchise doesn't hit movie theaters
until November 20, nine weeks from now, tickets are already selling out online.


There are
three big factors creating this recipe of success for Twilight.


First, the
name ‘Twilight' adds up to a highly fortunate number in the ancient Chaldean
system I use for current names. That number is 27/9, and I refer to 27 as the
‘Madonna Number.' She's benefited from it ever since she changed her name from
the highly challenging ‘Madonna Ciccone' to the one that made her famous – ‘Madonna'.


Twilight was released on November 21 last year. As I explained above, 21/3 is
another great number.


the full date of Twilight's original release was 11.21.2008. Add all the single
digits in this date and you arrive at the number 15/6 a fantastically fortunate


‘Twilight' had THREE highly fortunate vibrations in its favor.


When you combine
this amazing numbers' recipe and add great marketing, the results are
miraculous. You can see exactly what I mean in the hugely popular ‘Twilight'


Pattinson, Twilight's heartthrob star, adds even MORE magic to these numbers as you can see in the video above.


Here's a
piece of advice to Pattinson.


Make sure
you use the name ‘Robert Pattinson'. As you'll see in my video, this name is
helping you launch your incredible success story. That will not be the case for
the name ‘Rob Pattinson' which adds up to a challenging 22/4.


Pattinson is born on a 13/4 Day – interesting when you consider the vampire
life and death theme of the Twilight saga – he definitely doesn't want the
influence of a 22/4 current name.


because when you combine 4s or 8s in you birth blueprint with a 4 or 8 current
name number, you set off what the ancient Chaldeans called ‘fateful' events.


opposite is true for ‘Robert Pattinson'. He couldn't have a better name number
to go with his blueprint.


unlike astrology, YOU are in control of your current name.


So make
sure the spelling your name resonates to a fortunate number. Get your ‘Is My
Name Fortunate?'
report now.


Warmest Regards,

Tania Gabrielle


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