Everyone wants to know – WHEN will the Dow hit bottom and reverse course? When will we be released from bailing out more mega-failures like AIG?

Hold on to your seat because numerology provides some answers.

In addition to being an incredibly powerful resource for you personally, names and numbers can gauge trends for countries and entities, like businesses and organizations.

I recently uncovered one major piece in the puzzle.

There is a strong relationship between the blueprints for the Federal Reserve System and the United States – a relationship which directly affects our economy. THIS year, some critical numbers are being activated.

The Federal Reserve Act was signed into Law by Woodrow Wilson on December 23, 1913 – one day after the bill passed Congress on December 22.

So the Fed was passed on the 22nd and has a 22/4 Life Purpose Number. Plus it all happened during the 13th year of the last century.

In addition, and this is key, the current name – ‘Federal Reserve System' – adds up to 76/13/4 in the ancient Chaldean system.

So far we've uncovered two 22/4's and two 13/4's aligned with the Fed. Combining 4s with each other usually causes fateful events, so this challenging recipe definitely caught my attention.

Now let's add the U.S. to the equation. The United States of America was born on the 4th and in the 76th year of the century.

This means America and the Fed have fateful relationship.

Now I want to share what I uncovered..

In 2009 the U.S. is in a 22/4 Personal Year activating America's 4 Day of Birth. So it's clearly a very important year even without bringing in the Fed's numbers.

Then I noticed something amazing.

2009 is the VERY FIRST time that the U.S. is in a 22/4 Year SINCE the Federal Reserve was created in 1913.

Remember – combining 4s and 8s with each other often brings fateful events to a head. When the EXACT same double-digit number is activated – as in the number 22/4 for the Fed and the U.S. this year – it's like a laserbeam of light demanding that you focus on the issues at hand.

The month of March is a 22/4 Personal Month for the Fed. Consequently the Dow will on average keep going down rather than up.

Furthermore, with so many 4s in the Federal Reserve's Numerology Blueprint, I would never have recommended the Fed take on a 13/4 current name. 13 is a number of genius – but it also is secretive and represents upheaval.

The Fed is a debt based monetary system. It thrives on creating money from thin air. It is aligned with the mega-international banks that are the real power behind every throne.  When you hear ‘New World Order' in the news these days, THAT is the power they are alluding to.

In 2009 more and more secrets are coming light. We've seen it already. The system is crumbling. The artificial economy can't be sustained any longer. And the bottom is not in sight.

This is also because 2009 is in an 11 Universal Year for all of us. Walk through the two pillars – represented by the two 1s – and you embrace Truth. It is only once you know the truth that you can take positive action.

What does this mean for you personally?

Embrace everything and everyone you know to be good, honest and supportive. Treasure people and entities who thrive because YOU thrive. Investigate and release everybody and everything not helpful to you. Envision your country and your life in a positive light.

Turn this challenge into an opportunity.

My personal recommendation is to invest in gold and silver. Prepare the best you can for you and your loved ones – physically, mentally and spiritually. Take positive action, rather than dwelling on negative outcomes.

Keep an eye on current events without turning on your tv. Use the internet for quick updates instead.

Get in the zone for Liberty. Embrace the principles America was founded on – Honor, Truth and Freedom. This will empower you more than anything. Persevere and move forward with commitment.

Einstein said, “The universe bends towards justice.”

Join me and walk through the gates of truth and justice.

Warmest Regards,
Tania Gabrielle

P.S. Remember your own personal positive activator – your current name. Make sure your name is SUPPORTING you right now.

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