There are certain symbols every culture recognizes. One of the most important is the checkerboard.
You see it in the world of fashion and advertising. In auto-racing the black and white checkered flag is raised to signal ‘start your engines,’ after which it’s lowered to start the game of racing. Secret societies have used the checkerboard for eons to affect their consciousness as well as mass consciousness.
Ancient symbols are used all the time in public rituals. However most people have no real knowledge that they are being used to open up portals of energy.
Yesterday, I was reminded of this fact. I was in Charlotte, North Carolina to listen to my dear friend and author, Colette Baron-Reid. In her book, ‘Remembering The Future’, she mentions one mystical experience she had during which the ground underneath her feet looked similar to a checkerboard.
I literally lunged forward as I was reading this and said out loud, “there’s a reason you saw that checkerboard!”
It’s a symbol that has layers upon layers of meaningful information. The black and white checkerboard pattern is found on the floors of many old structures, such as those in the ruins of Pompeii. And on ceilings and walls of churches and mosques decorated in black and white.
Have you ever noticed that the checkerboard is used inside the entrance foyers of state and federal buildings. Why is this?
Numerologically the checkerboard has 64 squares. Six plus four equals 10 which is made up of the numbers 1 and 0.
The Zero is a perfect geometric shape indicating perfection, eternity, wholeness and the center. It symbolizes heaven. Most ancient temples, cathedrals, mosques and other important government buildings symbolize heaven with a dome – thus bringing heaven to earth. You will often see circular zero patterns on tile floors and walls of religious buildings.
The number 10 is about the endless energy and bounty of God. It is the number of power, determination and leadership. 10 reflects a progressive thinker who manifests.
These 64 squares form an eight-sided design on a two-dimensional game-board used in our three-dimensional world. This is an important metaphor for creating energy in any reality. The alternating pattern of black and white triggers your mind to remember higher cosmic and spiritual laws. Laws that are implemented when you work with energy.
Like two sides of every coin, these black and white squares symblize female and male polarities, negative and positive forces, night and day, zero and one, dark and light, and yin and yang.
Take the local culture on the island of Bali, for example. They have long used the checkerboard pattern as a tool for balancing the forces of dark and light. Around the world, ancient power sites have calendars and computers made from stone based on the same principle – a stone and a space, a one and a zero, or white and black.
Modern day computers are, of course, based on the exact same system of primary numbers or symbols, namely one and zero.
Within the board there are more layers of codes.
For example, the outer edge of every checkerboard is comprised of 28 squares. This corresponds to both the lunar and menstrual cycles – and also adds up to a 10. I will be writing a lot more about the meaning of these layers and the checkerboard in my upcoming book.
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With Warm Regards,
Tania Gabrielle French
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