Blue-Christmas-present-007Today Jupiter conjuncts the New Moon in a spectacular celebration of happiness!

For the next month you will have more opportunities come your way in a long time.

Most people don’t claim their opportunities. They don’t think divine bliss and true liberty can be achieved while in a physical body. They believe those experiences are only available in life after death.

Here’s a big secret:

What you can’t experience in life you will never experience after death.

So, use your time wisely. Make your life a worthwhile one. Listen for opportunities. Take every opportunity that comes your way.

You are here to achieve something meaningful.

Of course, it is up to you. You can choose to live your life in however way you want to.

But don’t think issues that you won’t address now will be resolved when you have moved beyond the physical. It is only while you are HERE, ALIVE on Earth that you have opportunity to grow and expand.

Today’s astro-numerology event is special.

Jupiter, the largest planet of our solar system, is merging with the two light bodies – Sun and Moon – for a brilliant moment in celestial space.

Jupiter liberates us with expanded awareness and opportunities. We feel such a surge of FREEDOM as we confidently step up. This is why Jupiter is also referred to as the planet of fortune and luck.

The Moon and Sun shine their light in union with fortunate Jupiter today. Look out for fortunate blessings in the next weeks.

Here’s something that will help you facilitate fortunate blessings in your life.

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Add in your free Fortunate Name report and you are given the tools to move forward with the confidence in knowing you are supported and all unnecessary obstacles are removed.

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It's time for you to experience new fortunate opportunities!

Love and Blessings,
Tania Gabrielle

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