11-11Today is February 11.

The month of February is a 9 Universal Month.

When a month adds up to the number 9 in numerology, every DAY and DATE resonate the SAME number.

So today is not only the 11th, but also an 11 Universal Date.Double 11 Days are always very powerful

They create an 11:11 portal.

Here's a secret. This rare astro-numerology code is exactly why I chose today to teach my live virtual event, “7 Steps to Making 2014 Hugely Successful.”

A final reminder that this online seminar airs TODAY at 5 pm Eastern time. You can still grab one of the last virtual seats – we are nearly at capacity!

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Let's take a deeper look at the 11:11, 9 and 7 numerology formula. How does it encourage you to step through YOUR Portal of Opportunity?

2.11.2014 – an 11 Universal Day

2.11.2014 – an 11 Universal Date

2.2014 – February is a 9 Universal Month

2014 – a 7 Universal Year

7 – Have the courage to listen to your mission.

9 – Be a true leader and heed your soul’s inner voice.

11:11 – Welcome all tests as a call to make a strong declaration of your purpose.

Today’s online event will include your “7 Keys to Implementing Success in 2014”. Here's a preview of one of those keys:

The art of asking questions.

7 always will compel you to look within … in-quiry. Query within. Asking questions on a soul level.

As you hear answers to small and large questions and get exciting ideas, something magical begins to happen…

You naturally COMMIT to your actions!

Your true inner voice is SO aligned with your mission that the universe conspires to align with your goals and assists you to complete them!

All greatness arises FIRST from the willingness to let go and allow your soul to express itself through you.

With total freedom.

Feel your soul’s calling, listen and obey. What follows is crystal clarity about your mission. From that arises a strong message… as you literally become a force of nature.

Your soul has an idea.

Keep silent. Listen.



P.S. Discover the specific breakthrough your soul has designed for you in 2014 TODAY at 5 pm Eastern. Lock in your spot for this special livestream event now.



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