Wayne Dyer 2On Monday I was on a plane back from my vacation in Mexico checking in on emails when I read the news.

Wayne W. Dyer had passed away on Saturday, August 29.

The day one of the most spiritual Full Moons ever enveloped our hearts in heartfelt mysticism (Neptune merged with Moon) and enlightened joy (Sun merged with Jupiter).

“Always believe that something wonderful is about to happen.”

“Remind yourself that when you think about what you resent, you act upon what you think about while simultaneously attracting more of it to you.”

  • Saturday the 29th was a 29/11 “Master Number” Day, symbolizing walking through the 11 Portal of Initiation into Oneness with All.
  • It was also a 27/9 Universal Date of Wisdom, Release, Culminations, Unconditional Love… and Endings.
  • And August’s 16/7 Universal Month energy reflected a month of spiritual breakthroughs, trusting your intuition and rest.

Wayne Dyer’s legacy will live on in eternity.

His books, videos, and his spirit are legendary. Even Wayne W. Dyer’s first and last name activate the letter Y, symbolizing a fork in the road, a person with arms outstretched to heaven. Y is a letter resonating to 25/7love and freedom = spirituality.

Wayne W. Dyer’s two W’s reflect the peaks and valleys, ebb and flow of a life of adventure and freedom. W is the 23rd letter of the alphabet – the “Royal Star of the Lion” number.

He was a kind, generous, sweet, strong, wise, lion-hearted human being.

The best way I feel to honor this modern day Rumi is by sharing some of his sacred poetry.

Recently he posted these words on Instagram:

“What can you expect as you practice a few days of being total unconditional love? If all of your meditations are devoted to love, and if you pour love into every single situation and every single person you meet, and beyond that to everyone on the planet and to the infinity of the universe, you will feel yourself becoming a different person. You will sleep more soundly. You will feel at peace virtually all of the time. Your relationships will be more deeply spiritual. You will begin recognizing the “coincidences” of your life with greater regularity. Your thought forms of unconditional love will begin to produce what you desire without your even being aware of how it is happening. Your dreams will be more intense, and the vision of your purpose will become clearer.
A Simple Experiment:
There is no greater power in heaven or on earth than pure, unconditional love.”

Yesterday one of my dear friends sent me this quote –

“When you judge another, you do not define them, you define yourself.”


Wayne Dyer Happiness quote

Doing what you love is the cornerstone of having abundance in your life.” 

Delight in honoring Dr. Wayne W. Dyer with your own research! His millions of words fill us with light, inspire us with wisdom and melt our hearts with love.

“I have a suit in my closet with the pocket cut out. It's a reminder to me that I won't be taking anything with me. The last I wear won't need any pockets.”

Thank you for sharing your wisdom, your tender heart with joy and love, dear Wayne.

We love you, we miss you … we are so deeply grateful you walked the Earth.

Love and Blessings,


When You Dance... Wayne Dyer Quote