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resonates to the number 36/9 in the Chaldean system, and 47/11 in the
Pythagorean system.


means, meditation is a gateway to experience unconditional love.


represents the gateway to truth, and 9 is the symbol of the humanitarian –
unconditional love.


27th, 2011 is a great day to look at the meaning of meditation more
closely. It's a 27/9 Universal Day in the 11th year of the century, activating
the same two numbers the word ‘meditation' resonates to.


full date – 6.27.2011 – adds up to 19/10/1, representing instantaneous beginnings.


is one of the best tools for feeling fully conscious and happily engaged with
life – from one instant to the next.


to popular belief, you don't have to sit and meditate in order to be in a state
of total awareness. You can raise your energy at any time of day using many
different tools of meditation.


The ecstasy of being awake can be experienced in infinite


form of mediation I love is to stop doing what I am doing for just a moment
right now. For example, if I am inside working, I stop what I am doing, get up
and look outside, take in the scene and slowly breathe in while noticing the
tiniest things I would not have noticed before.


Or I
get up and go watch my daughter at play. Children playing is a sublime part of


‘stop-what-I-am-doing' meditations bring immediate alertness and joy. You
appreciate life in an instant by feeling blessed.


way to meditate, and one of my favorites, is to walk. When you walk in an
awakened state you hear every bird chirping, feel the ground under your feet
and breathe in the scent of every flower. You'll receive brilliant insights
while walking. Moving your body is a great way to wake up.


form of meditation comes while just DOING something.


night, my daughter was in bed asleep after we had a fun day with friends. I
felt tired and was ready to go to bed. Yet, suddenly a phrase appeared in my
mind about a future project I was planning. I decided to grab a pen and legal
pad and sat down on my bed.


wrote for 30 minutes straight, letting the initial idea flow into a creative
plan. By the time I put down the pen, I had received exactly what I needed to
implement my project.


was a totally unexpected blessing I could have easily ignored.


The secret was that at that moment I was open to the
experience. I did not fight the moment and let the initial spark of inspiration
evolve into a highly satisfying period of ‘doing'. In fact, I felt so invigorated,
I stayed up for three more hours in a happy, blissful state.


you don't have to sit in a lotus position to experience true wakefulness or
meditation. In fact, all you need to do is to seek and find the beauty
everywhere around you. Then everything you ‘do' is done in a state of


means living in a wakeful state.


while cleaning up after a meal, you can enjoy the warm soapy suds as you wash
dishes. Prepare your meal by thanking the organic farmer who brought you this
nourishment by returning the love as you cook your food.


now I am marveling at the wonders of watching my thoughts appear as words on my


resist the moments of your life.


moment progresses and builds into YOUR experience here on earth.


If I
had resisted ‘doing' the writing last night because of feeling tired, the moment
of creation would have passed me by – forever.


a fun meditation you can use right now.


at someone, anyone. Or just smile for “no” reason, except that it feels
wonderful. This is a secret meditation between you and your heart. Your heart
knows the secret of a smile. A smile melts away all resistance and worry.


just breathe in deeply. Breathe slowly. You can feel God or Spirit in every
deep breath you take.


is experiencing ecstasy in every moment of life.


you have to do is open up on the inside. Walk through the 11 Gateway into
Unconditional Love, represented by the number 9.


as a child experiences the world – with no expectation – fresh and for the
first time.


is no coincidence that the 11 gateway is made of two pillars representing two
1's – Double Beginning. So 11 means Mastering your life by Beginning fresh at
every moment, every hour, every day.


to the silence. Hear your soul. Experience the joy.


Love and Blessings,

Tania Gabrielle


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