Uranus, ruler of Aquarius and the New Aquarian Age, stations direct on the SAME day as the Full Moon Eclipse in Cancer on January 10.

This change of direction awakens a profoundly intensified focus on FREEDOM.

Uranus’ pivot at 2° Taurus indicates a new era of inspiration – and sets us free from the bondage of over-thinking.

When a planet is at a standstill while changing direction, it has the greatest impact on us, so the change of direction on Eclipse Day – and just hours before the Stellium in Capricorn – is big cosmic news.

Uranus is the Awakener.

So this station into forward momentum will clearly point out what is holding you back – with the aid of 20/20 vision. You are being recalibrated internally to liberate yourself from fear.

It can feel like a Spring Cleaning at Soul Level.

So, be very proactive in embracing changes.

You are now transcending all pent-up frustration, stagnation and doubt.

This is a multi-dimensional shift.

You may feel more restless as you discover how to put the new ideas, revelations and awakenings into a coherent reframe.

Uranus wants you to shift the significance of thinking to INSPIRATION.

The fire of INSPRIATION lives in Uranus.

It reminds you that your existence is a miracle –