Happy Valentine's Day!

In 2017 the extraordinary Valentine’s Day Code for February 14 symbolizes eternal love through freedom and communication.

You are open for you and the other to be free to express yourselves freely… without any judgment.

  • This year’s universal date for 2.14.2017 adds up to the immortality number 17 – also present in 2017.
  • 17 reminds you to hold your boundaries, to relate from a place of strength – not weakness.

Being fulfilled (fully filled) from within yourself FIRST allows you to reach out and relate without needing the other person to fill your cup in order for you to feel complete.

Completion begins within you FIRST.

Relating from a place where you are centered and strong brings a meeting in the middle. At that midpoint you and the other create NEW magic together. But the resources to meet from wholeness and freedom are received first from the eternal source of all Life – symbolized by the Immortality number 17.

Today’s astrology lineup is also a beautiful reminder to meet in the middle.

The Moon in Libra (the Balances) lies exactly opposite Venus and Mars in Aries (Inner Fire) – a wonderful symbol to bring your relationships into supreme balance. Tune into your heart and share from a place of confidence and joy!

You see, it’s only when you don’t need anything that you are ready to relate.

Sharing then becomes an act of true love.

Also today, the heavens feature the Sun sextile Saturn – making your inner Light Manifest! You can easily achieve what you set your intentions on today.

Take this wonderful yin-yang energy into your day. Keep birthing the light within you and share.

Be open to inspiration and BE in love.

Relating then comes from a divine, complete, powerful place.

Just as your heart beats for the duration of your life, your birth code is alive and active all the time. Connecting to your unique divine code as it evolves now and into the future is immensely empowering!

Discover how your birth code is unfolding now and over the next year.

Click here to be guided by Your Next 12 Months Blueprint.

Stay true to who you are and share the Love.

Happy Valentine’s!

Tania Gabrielle

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