1789165-bigthumbnailVenus is gracing us with her beauty and love right now… two magnificent transits!

“Venus” begins with the letter V.

V is an open Vessel.

… Open to the universe. Open to the spiritual and mental planes.

And the planet Venus is… open to Love.

Venus beckons beauty, abundance, sensuality and love, love, love.

Look at the letter V more closely, and you'll see “V” is an upside down “A” without the middle line. V has no line to separate the spiritual from the physical or material. So V’s can easily veer completely towards either the spiritual or material planes.

Venus, when expressed in her most evolved state, opens us up to receive the highest form of love … where every possible opportunity is enriched by pure joy, total bliss.

On September 22 Venus’ influence is even more elevated as the Sun enters Libra, one of two signs Venus rules (the other is Taurus). Thankfully, the magnification of Venus gets an early start now. That’s because:

Venus is opposite Uranus … and Venus is sextile Mars.

Venus opposite Uranus triggers a desire to feel independence in love.

You are releasing emotions, letting go of feelings in order balance your energy, feel whole and at peace again. You’re feeling this independence and rebalancing especially in the financial and sensual realms.

Uranus is the “Surprise!” planet.

So, there’s an excitement now about wealth creation! And you’re open to an intensification of sensuality, beauty and the miracles of love…

You’re letting go and feeling happy at the same time.

And that balance creates room for miracles…

You’re bringing your life into balance in a unique, unexpected way before the actual celestial celebration of equilibrium – the Equinox on September 22.

Then, the other absolutely lovely astrology transit happening now is Venus moving into an exact 60° “sextile” to Mars.

It’s happening at 24° in Libra (Venus) and 24° Sagittarius (Mars).

24° reduces to 6, the number of human LOVE and compassion.

Libra governs relationships, harmony and the balance between light and dark. Sagittarius governs joy, wisdom, the future and plentiful opportunities.

So this Venus/Mars transit is one of the best moments for expanding your perception of what is possible, for socializing and romancing… for attracting joy and abundance. You feel sensual, beautiful and attractive.

Mars adds a spice of confidence and Venus a beautiful receptivity.

The combination of these two transits herald the scents of love and abundance.

You feel really creative and open. Your magnetism and charm are infectious.

Take this moment to feel your way into love and sexuality, beauty and abundance. Enrich your life with an openness to miracles.

May you feel the joy.

Love and Blessings,

Tania Gabrielle

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