VenusI’m happy to share that on Sunday, September 6 Venus moved direct again!

Fabulous news for getting back into full swing once more with your wealth creation projects and plans.

And, if you’ve felt unloved or unappreciated, this all has changed as well.

When Venus was retrograde (July 25 – September 5) we had a fabulous opportunity to re-evaulate existing or previous relationships – and not enter any new ones. So these past weeks have been fantastic for reconnecting with past friends and lovers. Previous relationships are literally being given a second chance.

Reconciliations are highly favored during any Venus retrograde – plus it has been a wonderful opportunity for deepening existing relationships.

You have been reflecting on and experiencing situations that allow you to clearly SEE the real value of people in your life. This has been such a great time to discern differences, recognize shared values and address any unresolved challenges.

Venus retrograde affects BOTH intimate and platonic relationships.

Yes, you can experience relationship challenges – yet, if it is a good relationship to begin with, the essence of your partnership is not affected. Keep in mind, if you experience any warning signals at the beginning of any relationship, these basic issues will keep returning and grow over time. In the last few weeks you have been reflecting on whether you can tolerate these basic issues or not.

Venus Retrograde is NOT a time to act and cement any changes you’ve discovered. Wait to secure those until after the retrograde period is over.

Keep in mind – NEW relationships are not favored during any Venus Retrograde… you may have a distorted perspective and not see this new person for what she/he truly is.

So, this has been a time for reevaluation, reflection and regeneration – and now, only AFTER the retrograde period is over are you given the green light to initiate any ACTION as a result of your discoveries.

And this goes your financials as well.

These past seven weeks have not been a good time to start new financial activities. Since, once Venus moves direct, you may experience losses.

But it has been a great time to shop for bargains and shop for excellent deals.

(I experienced this on my vacation to Mexico – purchasing several beautiful crystals and jewelry at rock-bottom prices!)

Plus, with retrograding Venus conjunct Mars while both are in Leo (activated August 31/September 1 and still in effect now), it’s been a highly favorable time to invite someone back into your life, while still re-evaluating what their presence brings to your well-being – or not.

And this Venus moving Direct again on September 6 is just the start for a most remarkable month.

September brings many gifts, major shifts and huge transformation.

For one, September is a 17/8 Universal Month of Leadership, Strength, Confidence and Immortality.

This is a turning point month for us in 2015!

Mercury retrograde…. Pluto moving direct again… Saturn finally moving into Sagittarius (until the end of 2017)… Jupiter opposite Neptune… a big Lunar New Moon Eclipse with a powerful astro-numerology code…. followed b, one of the biggest eclipses we’ll experience in our lifetime – the Blood Moon “Supermoon” Solar Eclipse, culminating a series of four consecutive Blood Moon Eclipses!

Yes, it promises to be an extraordinary month.

And it all happens in 2015 – an 8 Universal Year. So in September the infinity number 8 is doubled up.

Talk about opportunities!

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Here’s to you experiencing a positive shift of a lifetime.

Love and Blessings,


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  1. Kimberly September 6, 2015 at 12:34 pm - Reply

    Tania, you should add easy Share buttons so we can easily share these posts on twitter, etc. Just a thought. xo Kim

  2. Risa Franco September 25, 2015 at 6:35 pm - Reply

    tania I watched you for the first time and felt the need to let you know you are a great teacher~! You explained in such a way that helped me understand what and why these things that are going on. Also showing the diagrams were a great asset. I have felt a shift very much so since April and now I feel I really understand myself and why I have been feeling so much peace in myself. Someone told me the other day I should be a counselor but it is just plain age, experience in life that helps me better understand people.
    I am glad to have met you and thank you very much for your thorough explanation in your video~!
    Risa Franco

    • Tania
      Tania September 27, 2015 at 12:18 pm - Reply

      Thank you, Risa! May this eclipse help you feel strong and confident to shift into a place of joyful creation!

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