Venus in Gemini: Speak Your Intentions into Creation

Venus, planet of love and abundance has just entered Gemini – sign of communication and listening.

Gemini is in motion all the time. There is so much to learn, to see and to experience! Venus in Gemini allows your voice to inspire others through sound.

Spoken words emit vibrations…

  • Sounds spoken from your lips are the most powerful secret tool you have.
  • When you TRANSMIT sound with intention – you can manifest miracles!

Each word carries a unique frequency – so words turned into SOUND immerse your heart with vibration and meaning. Our universe is created by a mathematical matrix, which is brought to life through SOUND.

Sound interacts with ALL living physical things – animals, plants, humans. We thrive or recoil based on how we are spoken to… and so do plants and animals.

Harnessing the sound of your voice can manifest specific effects – and desired results.

Words made audible can be used for healing and love – OR as a weapon to destroy and divide.

You use your voice every day, sometimes unconsciously, sometime consciously.

The more conscious you are about how you can use your voice to elevate yourself and others, the more aligned you will be to your true purpose.

While Venus is in Gemini you have an opportunity to CONNECT by verbalizing lovingly, and by invoking beauty.

Geminis are eloquent speakers and have a quick wit. Venus in Gemini brings elegance, excitement and eloquence to your spoken words.

  • The spoken word is your secret tool for co-creation.
  • You are a co-creator with Spirit – especially through your spoken words.

Amazingly, on the very same DAY Venus enters Gemini and forms a beautiful sextile to Chiron, Jupiter (our other great benefic) creates a sextile to Mars!

This is very important, since Mars merges with Pluto this week – a powerful conjunction that heralds a two-hear buildup into 2020…

Jupiter bestowing blessings on Mars NOS, right before Mars’ big conjunction with Pluto, is very good news.

In fact, Pluto is in a highly fortunate “sextile” relationship to Jupiter throughout 2018.

That means Pluto – planet of power, transformation and rebirth, is in a fabulous alignment

with Jupiter, symbol of expansion, opportunity, blessings and abundance this whole year!

Taken together, these Venus and Jupiter blessings open up a fantastic opportunity for you to discover the blessings in YOUR own personal Jupiter code.

You may not realize this, but you have certain way to activate financial flow and abundance that is totally unique to you.

At moment you were born, Jupiter was in a specific sign and house in your birth chart. You have three unique Jupiter wealth zones in your chart – your Jupiter Wealth Code describes how you are specifically DESIGNED to manifest wealth.

Take this opportunity now to uncover Your Jupiter birth blessings!

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Blessings and Love,

Tania Gabrielle


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