Screen Shot 2015-09-01 at 9.15.48 AMWe’ve officially completed 66% of 2015!

Welcome to September, the month we celebrate the sign of Virgo.

Virgo is all about healing and service, ruling the 6th house in Astrology.

What’s remarkable about THIS September is how the symbolic meaning of number 6 is activated in multiple ways:

  • 2015 is the 15th year of the century and 1+5 adds up to the root number 6.
  • Virgo, the main astrological sign in September, rules the 6th house.
  • The Pisces Full Moon (Sun AND Jupiter in Virgo) on Saturday was exact at 6:06 degrees!
  • Jupiter just recently moved into Virgo for thirteen months, enhancing, expanding and optimizing health, healing, service and the gifts of Mother Earth.
  • 6 governs intimacy and love, mothering, nurturing, family, your physical home and body and creation.

With Jupiter in Virgo for the next year, we’ve entered a once-in-a-twelve-year cycle of incredible healing and appreciation of Earthly gifts.

If you’re a healer, health practitioner or in a nurturing, life-enhancing profession – you will grow and thrive!

Jupiter in Virgo expands all things related to crystals, flower remedies, essential oils, plant-based healing tinctures, energy healing, Earth-derived health enhancers, scientific breakthroughs, quantum physics (Virgo rules the tiny and minute) and organic produce.

We are opening up like never before to embrace simple healing remedies that are readily available.

Using crystal energy is one of my favorite ways to enhance my life. My older brother Chris is a geologist and he always had gemstones around the house – using his stone-cutting machines in the basement to investigate their magic.

I was hooked! Another big asset as I got older is shopping with my brother – he can tell a fake gemstone from a real one in seconds… 🙂

I surround myself with crystals – every room has a grid – and I even travel with specific crystals for protection and environmental enhancement. (I just returned from a vacation in Mexico, where I purchased several beautiful large pieces of lapis lazuli, pyrine and quartz crystals.)

Crystals adorn us as jewelry. They can be displayed inside and outside your home and office and serve as energy enhancement, protection and beautifying your environment.

All natural, of course!

I love how Earth’s gemstones transform our environment positively and naturally.

  • Crystals are cosmic stardust.
  • They come from the stars, just like YOU do!

So their presence in your life instantly connects you with the divine.

Their stunning beauty is a visible reminder that the origin of YOUR birth is unique moment when your beautiful soul crystallized. 

Your soul is eternal.

And gemstones symbolize the eternal beauty of life.

NOW Jupiter in Virgo is calling us to recognize these beautiful, visible reminders of the divine!

So, I’m really happy to share that my lovely friend, Hibiscus Moon, has an amazing, comprehensive crystal healing course to help you go deeper into the world of crystals!

Hibiscus teaches the basics of crystal healing and therapy, covers sacred space and self protection using crystals, how to create and work with crystal grids, balancing your chakras using crystals, pendulums and sensing crystal energy, crystal healing for animals, and how to become a certified crystal healer.

It’s an amazing program created by a wonderful, authentic healer.

I love how Hibiscus has combined her extraordinary crystal wisdom with a hands-on how-to guide that covers EVERY aspect of how to incorporate the wonders of crystal healing into your personal and professional life (yes she teaches you how to create and monetize your crystal healing business!).

This course is truly the best of its kind… I highly recommend you check it out.

Click here to learn more.

Much Love,



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