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Two people born in 1980 are making
headlines today.


The Google executive, Wael Ghonim,
who may be freed this evening in Egypt.


And Christina Aguilera -n the news
for forgetting the lines of the National Anthem last night at the Superbowl.


Nerves can rattle even the most
seasoned artists. Listening to her performance though, I was more struck by
what Mozart would have called ‘too many notes' than the memory slip on the
lyrics end.


Speaking of the Superbowl, I saw
photos this morning of the Black Eyed Peas with their dancers and wondered
whether there was an alien invasion at halftime.


Let's look more closely at Ghonim
and Aguilera.


Christina has an astounding vocal
range. Not surprisingly her Life Purpose Number, derived from her birthday, adds
up to 30/3. Number 3 is symbolized by self expression, drama and uplifting
others through creative gifts.


Aguilera was born on the 18th,
a 9 Day. Both 3 and 9 are in the ‘Emotional' triad, consisting of numbers 3-6-9.
You can really feel their influence in Aguilera's passionate performances.


Like Wael Ghonim, the Google
executive, Aguilera was born in 1980, a year which adds up to 18.


This powerful number can either
lean towards the humanitarian leader, or can tip towards martyrdom. People with
an 18/9 in their blueprint have to watch deception in their lives.


Of major importance is that both Aguilara's
and Ghonim's current names add up to challenging numbers.


This means, their names attract
challenging people and events.


You may wonder how Aguilera became
so famous with her challenging name frequency.


Being well-known is not related to
your name. Rather it depends on whether you passionately pursue and develop the
talents you were born with. These gifts are always revealed in your birth
numbers, both numerologically and astrologically.


Your current name shows HOW your
life unfolds.


Ask yourself, when you focus on
manifesting your goal, do things fall into place or do you often feel weighed
down by small and major difficulties. Challenges which always have a way of
distracting you from creating.


Most people have challenging
current names. So, no matter who they are and what they have achieved, they deal
with annoying, recurring, and time-consuming distractions.


Wael Ghonim.png

‘Wael Ghonim' is living with a 13/4 current name.


13 names carry great power, which
may not be used for selfish reasons. However, this name number always brings the
unknown and unexpected.


It is important to add that Ghonim
has a 26/8 Life Purpose Number. This sets up a really fateful karmic connection
between his 4 current name and 8 full birthday number. Numbers 4 and 8, when
combined with each other in any way, cause fateful events.


‘Christina Aguilera' has a 29/11
current name. She'll have challenges in her relationships, in particular with


29 names test you constantly for
spiritual strength.


If Christina just added one L to
Aguillera, she would change from that challenging 29/11 to a highly fortunate
14/5, which I call the ‘Media' number. Perfect for her.


Pay attention to all the names in
your life. Of course your own personal name, as well as your children's. If you
run a business or are an author or filmmaker, don't forget your professional
names as well.


Just think of your name as your
most important calling card – the frequency everything relates to easily, or not.


Your best personal asset is having
a Fortunate Name.





P.S. The ‘Is My Name Fortunate' report comes as a gift with
your ‘Personal Numerology Blueprint' – the most comprehensive report about your
life there is.

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