There’s a new movie being released on DVD early next year called “I AM”. You may have heard of it.

I just watched a preview copy and I have to tell you – it is absolutely wonderful! Inspiring, motivational, funny, riveting and joyful.

“I Am” looks at the differences between the 1000’s and the 2000’s – the millennium we just recently entered. The revelations about the 1900s vs. 2000s tie in directly to the numerology defining our new world.

It’s by Tom Shadyac one of Hollywood’s most successful directors (Ace Ventura: Pet Detective and The Nutty Professor). Tom Shadyac had it all… He was the youngest staff joke writer ever for Bob Hope and later working on many films with actor Jim Carrey. Then a serious bike accident turned his world upside down, causing him to question everything.

Shadyac suffered post-concussion syndrome after the accident, which was compounded by previous mild head injuries while surfing, mountain biking and playing basketball.

He experienced months of acute headaches and subsequently went through a huge transformation, deciding to give away his fortune, selling his mansion and simplifying his life.

Later he began working on the documentary “I AM”.

Seeking answers, Shadyac talks with Desmond Tutu, scientist David Suzuki, Lynne McTaggart, Noam Chomsky and other leading thinkers, asking them two essential questions:

“What’s wrong with the world?” and  “What can we do to fix it?”

Shadyac mixes interviews, breathtaking cinematography and personal narrative, making a joyful, profound documentary.

Not surprisingly, the title “I AM” adds up to a 6 current name, a highly fortunate number. 6 symbolizes the cosmic parent, love, home and family.

Amazingly, “Tom Shadyac” has a current name that adds up to 15/6 – the number of spiritual alchemy and of uplifting and bringing joy to others through music, art and creativity.

At the time of his accident in 2007, Tom was experiencing a 13/4 Personal Year.

13 cycles have a way of transforming your life unexpectedly. For Tom Shadyac who was born on an 11 Day, the gateway to transformation came out of the blue and completely changed his life. The result – he stopped making Hollywood movies and is focusing on life-affirming, spiritually uplifting films.

“I AM” received a 20-minute standing ovation at its first screening! It obviously resonated to the love and magical alchemy that defines the number 6.

People who were fortunate enough to see “I AM” in theaters left feeling uplifted, positive about the future and deeply inspired.

The film shows us that we are all connected. We are far grander than we’ve been told.

And now I’ve got great news:

You can own I AM on DVD today, before it is released to the public. Start your free trial membership with Spiritual Cinema Circle and you will receive a complimentary DVD copy of “I AM” – the movie.

Since 2004, Spiritual Cinema Circle has supported dozens of films just like I AM — films that make a difference.You can start your free trial here.

Enjoy this wonderful DVD with friends and family over the holidays!

Love and Blessings,


P.S. Your free trial membership has to be activated by December 22 to receive your DVD gift I AM. There’s absolutely no obligation – cancel anytime.

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