On October 19 two Mercury magnifications light up your ability to see beyond time – and get clarity on your Destiny.

  • Mercury at 14° is trine to Neptune at 14°.
  • Mercury at 14° is square to Mars at 14°.

14 governs the art of communication – sharing a message with others in a big way.

I refer to 14 as the “Media” number. The ancients aligned the number 14 with the Scribe.

MERCURY, the Messenger, is ALSO about communication.

So on ALL fronts, your MIND is lit up!

14 also governs liberty, freedom, risk and flexibility.

Mercury wants you to be mindful and think in broad strokes – explore, and make quick decisions.

So, the numerology and astrology codes have merged together once more in a beautiful way!

Mercury square Mars opens the way for fast decision-making – and the flipside is to guard against rushing, or being a bit too aggressive in the way you communicate.

A fabulous way to channel this very passionate Mars sexual energy is to clearly PERCEIVE how you energetically want to move forward with your goals.

In the process, you will see your Destiny unfold before your eyes.

Mercury square Mars allows you to delve deeply into your ideas and with great intensity.

You are lighting a Fire which manifests in a strong forward momentum.

Physical exercise and/or diving into a creative project you’re passionate about are fabulous outlets in order to burn up some of this extra energy – you need to release the buildup of passion before it could turn more aggressive…

The other transit, which I love so much is Mercury trine Neptune at 14°.

What a beautiful balance this brings to the passionate Mars energy!

Your imagination, creativity, your profound spirituality are clearly communicated now!

Your intuition can be easily translated into words as you channel delightful and profound AHA’s into a great project or goal.

Your communication skills are magnified SO greatly now, that so you can influence people in a beautiful way, and in a very gentle way.

  • Mercury trine Neptune at 14° removes the veil so you can SEE your Destiny.
  • Mercury square Mars at 14° allows you to move forward with confidence as you ACTIVATE how you DIRECT your Destiny.

You are seeing the big picture and are inspired to ACT on it!

Joining Mercury in Scorpio right now are Venus and Jupiter.

Jupiter is ending its yearlong journey through Scorpio before coming HOME to Sagittarius in early November.

Such exciting times!

The imminent ending of Jupiter’s 12-year cycle always wraps things up, preparing the way for your NEW expansive, fortunate opportunities – on the horizon right now!

  • So, this is an invitation for you to make all the changes you need to NOW – you are totally supported!

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Blessings and Love,

Tania Gabrielle

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