Welcome September!

September in 2019 is a powerful month as Truth and Total Transformation lead to Triumph – stirring you awake!

One big reason is the numerology code for September where the number 21 is magnified exponentially:

  • September resonates to a 21 Universal Month (9 + 2+0+1+9 = 21).
  • The powerful Pisces Full Moon (Sep 13/14) has the Moon at 21° Pisces and Sun at 21°
  • Add in our current 21st Century and we have a 21:21:21:21 quadruple activation!

Then, consider that 2019 is a 12 Universal Year.

12 is a reverse mirroring of 21.

And since 21 and 12 both reduce to the single digit 3, clearly we are being shown liberation from pain and suffering through the portal of JOY and CREATIVE EXPRESSION.

  • 21 liberates through
  • 12 liberates through
  • 3 liberates through Joy and Creativity.

Your life, your body, your brain, your emotional state function at their highest capacity when you are joyful and feel well.

So September is an important month to consciously focus on becoming joyful, becoming happy.

Inner joy creates a FLOW that unveils solutions.

When you feel crappy, the opposite happens – it muddles your energy and creates more problems, as solutions seem distant or unattainable.

When you feel fulfilled and happy you don’t yearn for something to fill the void.

A happy person feels well and doesn’t seek distractions, or get compulsive and rigidly attached to people or situations in order to avoid moving forward.

When you see things in your life as they appear, without wishing they were different or ignoring what is clearly in front of you – you’ll quickly download answers on how to proceed for your highest good.

When truth appears, embrace it.

Live moment to moment in this state of receptivity and acceptance.

Eternal potential is discovered in the present moment.

This moment sets you free – as you are engaged, present, curious and delighted by the potential to create greater wellness and joy.

Live in the moment, be conscious – then you’ll be living in Truth.

Invest in feeling wonderful.

Feel GOOD, BLISSFUL, WELL, HAPPY right now – and like magic you will feel wonderful to everyone around you.

That is the core message of numbers 21 and 3:

  • Connection through happiness – recognition through truth.

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Love and Blessings,

Tania Gabrielle

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