Wendi Murdoch.pngWith the pie-in-his-face episode elevating Wendi Murdoch into the news this week, I wanted to take a look at her numbers.

I immediately noticed her initials WM, for Wendi Murdoch. Both the letters W and M represent a mountain range of peaks and valleys certainly representative of her dramatic young life..

In fact, she has strength and resilience written all over her birth blueprint.

Deng was born on the 8th and her full birthday adds up to 35/8. People with important 8's want to lead – they leave the details to others. Deng's double 8 gives her tremendous willpower and drive to succeed. Many athletes have an 8, since this ‘Infinity' number imbues strength by overcoming obstacles. Wendi too was known for her volleyball skills.

But with a double 8 come challenges, IF she does not have a fortunate name.

‘Wendi Deng Murdoch' adds up to 15/6 in the ancient Chaldean system I use for current names.

15 is the ‘Spiritual Alchemist – a highly fortunate name number. However, for Wendi, the 15 is not recommended. This is because, when you mix a 15 with a 4 or 8 in the person's birthday, it can lead to the attraction of dark energy.

Either the person may be inclined to use dark magic to achiever her goals – or this will be used against her.

Thrown into the mix is her husband Rupert Murdoch's current name. It adds up to 13/4, a number that triggers the ‘fateful' 4 and 8 connection between them. In other words, Wendi's two 8's in her birthday attract people and dates into her life which also have a prominent 4 or 8. So much of her life feels ‘karmic' or ‘destined'.

Let's look at another spelling she uses, ‘Wendi Murdoch'. It too is challenging, but in a different way. It adds up to 52/7, indicating a life of revolution and conflict.

How fascinating then that her Chinese birth name ‘Wenge' means Cultural Revolution'? She literally attracted a current name into her life, which brings to life the meaning of her given birth name.

Wendi Deng Murdoch's public media profile was raised tremendously after she leaped to the rescue of her husband Rupert during his highly publicized testimony before a British parliamentary committee.

Well, Wendi Deng Murdoch is in a 14/5 year right now – the Media Number.

So, it's no surprise she's made headlines around the world – not only with that infamous right hook, but also as a producer of her first movie ‘Snow Flower and the Secret Fan'.

However, unless she changes the spelling of her current name, Wendi Murdoch will keep attracting fateful events into her life.

That is the code she has chosen to live by… for now.

Love and Blessings,

Tania Gabrielle

P.S. There are personal and universal codes. Next year one of the most dramatic number sequences will be triggered – the 2012 Code. This will be the only focus of my next Big Live Event in sunny Los Angeles in November. Be sure to reserve your seat and claim your special gifts here.

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