One of my favorite things to do is to spend time by the ocean.

On Sunday I was doing just that with a dear friend when she turned to me and said, “I’m bored with my life, I just want to be happy!”

Then she told me about how she had to shift her attitude.

It’s no longer, “if I put this into it, I’ll get that out of it.”

Rather, my friend made a choice to feel grateful for what she had and create something exquisite and meaningful – instead of going into every situation needing something in return.

She’s not alone. Every one of us is re-evaluating our life in 2012…

We shared many laughs that afternoon.

As I was driving home and over the next few days I realized on a deeper level than ever before that the whole purpose of life is what you put INTO it – not what you get out of it.

(It’s not so easy sometimes, I know!)

Imagine focusing only on what you put INTO everything and everyone. Not asking for anything in return.

If you can pivot your attitude and allow complete freedom into every part of your life and extend that freedom to others – you not only set yourself free, but others around you as well.

What’s happening in the ‘Big Shift’ 5 Universal Year of 2012 is that all of us are up against the wall of impeccable honesty.

And the honest-to-God truth is that your happiness only depends on YOU. It has never and will never depend on anyone else or anything else, but you

My friend is renewing herself. She’s opting out of a pattern. This pattern has served her well. Until 2012. This year, all previous paradigms and patterns are proving to be incredibly unreliable.

So – good news is, 2012 feels rocky for a reason!

2012 = 2+0+1+2 = 5

5 “sits” on a rocker at the bottom and faces left and right.


What we thought of as security and balance this year are not what they used to be.

Yes we can find a kind of false security in money, in relationships, and our job. However, this year we are discovering that true happiness and peace are only found within. Never outside of ourselves.

Freedom means renewing yourself constantly.

By allowing yourself to feel completely free, you will never require another to follow your demands.

When you love your life without needing something in return, when you cherish another without needing anything from him or her, you are truly alive.

When there is NOTHING you need, you can truly live – and love.

It is a somewhat scary definition of happiness! Yet, 2012 demands that we embrace Freedom constantly and fearlessly.

Meditate on the number 5. See how this number embraces the past (open circle facing left at the bottom) – and points to the future (open square facing right at the top).

5 also resembles a key.

Use this key to open the door to freedom … and you shall know happiness. Give freely, receive freely – but never require something in return. In other words, don't have your inner peace taken away from you by another person's actions.

When you’re at peace, whether you are given what you need or not, then you are truly happy.

Love and Blessings,


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