cloud-symphonyDecember 2015 is filled with incomparable and secret blessings.

In this powerful 11 Universal Month we are so blessed to be merging the 11 gateway with the infinity number 8.

Holiday season has begun, and as we celebrate the season this year, the energetic transference of soul-to-soul connection rings through every moment of this extraordinary month.

For one, we'll be walking through that 11 Portal for 31 straight days!

And we’ll be stepping onto the threshold of the 11 portal while being supported by the strength of the Eternity Number 8. Wow!

With 2016 around the corner … and both the Full Moon and New Moon in December triggering the 11:11 Code as well there is not enough I can say about this moment in time.

Here is more on the extraordinary merging of the 11 with the Universal Year Number 8:

The 118 code governs energy transfer.

This code is preparing us for 2016 – the year you step into the royal code of unconditional love.

The profound connection to “All That Is And Ever Will Be” is enabled when you reach out and touch someone energetically, through words, through thought – through a transference of energy.

11 adds up to the ‘root’ number 2 – communication, connection, balance, peace – relationship.

The emphasis as we approach 2016 in an 11 month is a shift in how we share – by welcoming engagement purely from the heart.

Holiday gifts are lovely gestures. Now, with new dimensions opening up, your gift-giving is embracing new dimensions.

It is most important now to take nothing for granted.

Never let an opportunity go by to let people in your life know you love them.

Reach out, initiate a conversation when you are called upon to. Don’t hesitate for one moment when you hear the call of the 11 – your intuitive voice – to share, to connect, to love.

You can give at any time this way. The transfer of energy doesn’t even need words or action. It can be a feeling you communicate to another person thousands of miles away.

8 is eternal energy.

11 is the ability to step out into the unknown onto the threshold in order to share, in order to connect.

Visualize the 8 as an infinity symbol in middle of the 11 portal:

I ∞ I

You see the eyes of the soul and a pillar of protection on either side.

Meditate on this coded symbol.

This is both a window into the soul and a window into infinite universes, infinite dimensions… infinite possibilities.

Visualize love floating everywhere, penetrating every fiber of your being.

Since 11 is a highly sensitive number, and 8 fills you with strength and fortitude, let yourself be more vulnerable now … you will be supported!

Share more of you – you’ll make such beautiful discoveries about yourself – and by sharing more of you, others will learn a lot about you too. Sharing strengthens your bond with others. The connection is deepened when you open up… and this heart-to-heart connection sets you free.

Go out of your way to not take anyone or anything for granted.

You’re not guaranteed the connection even in the very next moment, a bit later in the day, or the next day.

Treasure the moment you have with another. Solicit these moments when you feel called to. Even when you don’t feel called to – you’ll astonish yourself and bless others with your courage when you do.

Imagine how your attention to love and sharing creates a ripple effect!

One person shares, the next passes on the good tidings…

So be conscious of stepping outside cultural rituals this holiday season.

Surprise yourself with your capacity to love… and be embraced.

11 is an electrical energy number of Light. 11 opens the gateway to intuitive downloads. As this divine energy courses through you, take time to breathe and be silent.

Take time to slow down.

Never pass up a chance to let people know you love them.

Always take advantage of the time you have in any personal connection. A physical gift is a beautiful gesture, and yet the gift of loving attention is the greatest way to touch a heart.

Go to any social function or family gathering with your heart wide open.

Appreciate each person for what they bring to the table, cherish what their unique contributions are in that moment, to the conversation, to your life.

Try to walk in their shoes. Feel what they are experiencing.

Your heart will melt into theirs. You two will become one. And your deep connection, your gesture of love will send a ripple effect worldwide and into the universe.

Connect eye-to-eye, heart-to-heart in the presence of another.

Listen. Hear them. Hear your inner voice. Love melts away lifetimes of veils, lifetimes of filtering.

Send your love energetically when you are at a distance.

Every opportunity to connect with someone, to lift the veil, is given to you for a reason!

Even when you’re faced with a challenging meeting, try not to see it as an obligation to connect with them – rather see it as an opportunity to see beyond the veil.

Whether it is a birth of a new bond, a deepening of an existing bond, a healing of the past or a rebirth, you are expanding, you are rising vibrationally as you reach out and open up your tender heart and soul.

During this special time of year, notice how everyone seeks peace and happiness, a sense of belonging and love. Notice how this yearning for connection lifts the energy collectively around the globe into a place of gratitude.

May December be blessed by your love.

Love and Light,

Tania Gabrielle

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  1. Carrie December 2, 2015 at 8:34 pm - Reply

    Wow, Tania, this is a really beautiful message! I will be printing this out to reference all year long! 🙂 and I will link to this on my FB page as well.

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