I watched Hillary Clinton's speech at the Democratic Convention last night. And part of Michelle Obama's well-delivered speech on Monday.

And I've been amazed at how the numbers have lined up for each of these celebrities as they take the stage. In a moment I'll look ahead at the numbers for Bill Clinton and Joe Biden – both of whom speak tonight.

First, here's a fascinating recap of how each person's personal cycles affected the delivery and content of his or her speech.

For example, last night's big speech by Hillary came on a 35/8 Personal Day for her. The 8 ties right into her 26/8 Day of Birth and 44/8 current name. Fateful indeed.

Clinton was relaxed and feisty. At the same time, I didn't sense a genuinely strong emotion from her towards the current Democratic Nominee for President. It wasn't a full-fledged endorsement. That would have entailed expressing her confidence in his ability to be the leader of the nation.

The effect of the numbers of ‘fate and destiny' 4 and 8 definitely were in play last night. Especially since these numbers activated her personal blueprint. She had one eye on the convention and the other on 2012.

Note that it even was August 26. Which strengthened her resolve even more.

Speaking of fateful numbers, Ted Kennedy's surprise visit to the convention had significant ties to his Personal Numerology Blueprint. His 13/4 current name and 22/4 Day of Birth were both activated on Monday evening – he had a 31/4 Personal Day. This signifies both the enormous importance the speech had for Kennedy, as well as his family's endorsement of Barack over Hillary.

Also on Monday, Michelle Obama came across as genuine and strong. Fittingly her number 7 Destiny Number was activated that day – Monday was a 34/7 Personal Day for her. So what we saw two nights ago gives a good idea of what we'll get if she becomes first lady.

As for tonight's speakers, Hillary's husband Bill and VP choice Joe Biden – well it could get VERY interesting.

First Joe Biden. He's in a 22/4 Personal Month signifying achievement. Today is a 31/4 Personal Day today. This double 4 combo is fateful. It adds up to 8 So I expect his speech to elicit very strong responses. His Destiny happens to be a 17/8 as well. I'll be curious to see how he uses these numbers of ‘fate and destiny' tonight and whether they will end up helping Obama.

As for Bill Clinton. Well, his is an interesting story. He's in a 9 Personal Month and today is a 9 Personal Day for him.

9 signifies endings. And a 36/9 Personal Month cycle brings the feeling of culmination and endings to the forefront. Any losses he may feel right now, especially concerning the continuation of his legacy through his wife, are meant to free him for the new cycle he's already entered this year.

Tonight is not the coronation of Hillary he so expected. It is a turning of the tide.

But as we all know, Bill's a fighter.

He started a whole new 9 year cycle in 2008 – that means he's in a 1 Personal Year right now. And so August is a crucial ‘letting go' month for him, since in September he'll be forced to start fresh if he hasn't done so now.

So I predict an emotional speech. Anything can happen. I'm sure he will reminisce about his Presidency. I'm sure he'll talk about Hillary. The key is, how will he talk about Obama.

Of course Thursday, August 28 is Barack Obama's big night. And oh do his numbers tell a riveting story. More on that tomorrow.

Warmest Regards,
Tania Gabrielle

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