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Representative Anthony Wiener's headline grabbing behavior will most likely
cost him his political career.


for Wiener, he has a current name that resonates to a highly challenging
number, so he is far more likely to attract obstacles.


only that – in 2011 his challenging current name is being triggered in a big


is in a 16/7 Personal Year until is birthday in September.


His name ‘Anthony Wiener' adds up to 52/7, a number the
ancient Chaldean priests considered unfortunate.


names attract revolution, upheaval, strife and conflict. This name number usually
indicates a life filled with obstacles, failure and disappointment.


like musical notes form into melodies, numbers will always interact and relate to
each other. Wiener's 16/7 Personal Year is currently interacting with and
triggering his challenging 52/7 name.


is important to note here that, depending on your previous motivations and actions,
a 16/7 cycle can either bring tremendous success, leading you to the top of the
”tower, OR, if you have veered off-course and ignored your intuition, can
result in ‘a person with a crown on his or her head, being struck by lightning
and falling from a high place.'


from a high place is exactly what Mr. Wiener's previous actions have manifested
for him in his 16/7 Personal Year.


there is more to his current numbers' story.


was born on the 4th, so he has the 4 and 8 magnetic attraction active in his
life. (This 4 and 8 relationship is unique to these two numbers.) So, Anthony
Wiener will attract people, situations and dates that resonate to 4 or 8 and
have a destined or fateful effect on his life.


in point – May 31 which was 4 Day. Anthony Wiener has a tense exchange with
reporters. This is when the story breaks for the first time. It is also a 7
Personal Day for Wiener, activating his 16/7 Year and 52/7 name even more.


comes June 2011. This is when Anthony Wiener denies everything in several
one-on-one interviews – only to later detract his lies.


surprisingly, June is a 22/4 Personal Month for Wiener, triggering the fateful
4 and 8 recipe – which he himself has activated in a negative way.


Wiener, all these numbers – 16/7, 52/7, 31/4 and 22/4 – have come together, not
to conspire against him, but to teach him an important lesson. If he had not
lied and refrained from his actions, these numbers would have implemented for
him in a positive, not challenging way.


numbers are a measure of your intent and actions – they will show you the way
time and time again.


course, in numerology, you are in total control of one number – your current
name. Anthony Wiener's name is such an obstacle, it literally will keep
attracting testing situations to him, unless he changes the spelling to a
fortunate number.


wife Huma Abedin, has also been affected. ‘Huma Abedin' resonates to 16/7. As
an aide to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Abedin has a promising career
and was included in Time Magazine's “40 under 40” list that features “new
generation of civic leaders” and “rising stars of American politics”.


a 16/7 current name, though, Ms. Abedin will attract more sudden challenges in
her life.


the numbers for Anthony Wiener show that he could have had an powerful career
as a U.S. Politician. Even his Destiny Number, 94/13/4 resonates to 4, just
like his Day of Birth. This gives him a strong connection to the U.S., which is
born on the 4th. Notice that President Barack Obama was born on the 4th as


remember – YOU are in control of your life. It is up to you to activate your
birth numbers in a constructive, positive way. Then, they will work miracles
for you.


always make sure you have a fortunate current name.


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Tania Gabrielle


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