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Have you ever paid attention to
your words? The way you speak about others, for example, always reflects
you feel about yourself.


Your words reveal how you live your
life. So does your name.


I often get asked about the
following Bible quote:


“A good name is better than precious ointment; and the day
of death than the day of one's birth.”


You can find it in Ecclesiastes


The first part means your current
name affects HOW you will express the talents you were born with –
easily or
not. So a good name is more important than any ointment. In fact, you
may need
the ointment to heal challenges that were attracted by a difficult name
in the first


The second part means that the
date of your death gives a clear picture on how you chose to live your


What the ancients understood is
that a fortunate
name number
helps you to attract everything you need to
fulfill your goals as effortlessly as possible.


Yet, if you don't ask for the door
to be opened, you will not see the light.


It's already apparent in 2011 that
we are faced with choosing freedom and happiness over confusion and
fear. This
decision will continue to be reflected in events worldwide. All of us
will come
face to face with our shadow this year.


Open up the 11 gateway and choose
freedom over fear. This is the true meaning of 2011.


Notice that 20 and 11 both reduce
to 2. That's a clue your relationships, both personal and business, will
be on the forefront this year.


2011 adds up to 4, meaning you
must pay fastidious attention to details. Through discipline, patience,
focus you can manifest ALL this year.


Your name is a
pretty big detail –
be sure it adds up to a fortunate number. Especially now.





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Numerology Blueprint


To see the Ecclesiastes quote,
you can read different Bible versions here.


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