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you put yourself first? Or do you take care of everyone else – first.


one else will respect your needs and aspirations as much as you. By not taking
care of yourself first, you neglect your life. And, truly, you neglect those
close to you too.


very people asking for your attention are best served if you are in a positive
place – not the other way around.


other words, if you do put yourself first, you're a step ahead of the game. Because
you are mentally grounded, spiritually nourished and emotionally happy.


One important factor in
creating peace and prosperity is to pay attention to your physical health. For
example, consider an extensive 14-year study released today. It focused on the
dangers of sitting long hours a day. Contrary to what you might believe, even
if you augment sitting long hours with vigorous exercise, sitting for long
hours is a major health issue.


And the study is not referring
to 8 hours of sitting. But as little as 3 or more hours a day is unhealthy –
especially for women. If you sit extended periods you risk major health issues.


Now, this fact is meant to
inform you, so your mind can shift you into living positively.


When you put your own needs
first, you will not neglect your body, mind or spirit. You will naturally and
eagerly focus on the quality of your life. Really, the happier and healthier YOU
are, the better off Everyone is.


Children always focus on their
own needs. They've got it right – and with proper guidance – will keep that
natural urge working positively in adulthood.


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Otherwise, the urge to focus
on another's needs, at the expense of your own, will result in challenging
relationships, whether personal, romantic or business. If YOU don't always come
first, you base your choices on another person's or entity's needs.


And that decision will serve
neither them nor you.


In 2011 this is especially
important to understand and put this into practice.


We are all being confronted
with how we relate to others in 2011. What an amazing opportunity to be set
free of perceived obligations and only do what feels intuitively right to you.


Yes, it helps when you're
supported when you implement changes.


One way you can easily help
yourself instantly is to make sure you're carrying around a positive calling card
 a Fortunate Name.


If your current name resonates
to a challenging number, you are far more likely feel stuck, distracted and
discouraged. You often sweep your own spiritual, emotional and physical needs
under the rug.


Fortunately, numerology allows
YOU to be in charge of your current name. So, if the name you are using now
adds up to a challenging number, you have a choice. Choose to change the
spelling of your name to a fortunate number, and watch how you begin to bypass all
those unnecessary challenges.


Always put yourself First. As strange
as it may seem, you'll never regret it.


Best Wishes for a wonderful

Tania Gabrielle


P.S. The Is My Name Fortunate? report comes as a gift with
your Personal Numerology Blueprint – the most comprehensive report about your
life there is.

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