This morning I opened an email from a friend about a mother who is expecting her 18th child. I gasped.
I have four siblings, which is plenty. Three are born in the same month. My husband has five brothers and sisters. But I can’t for the life of me imagine having 17 siblings. Unless someone else is doing the cooking, cleaning, driving and errands.
After this mother’s next baby is born, she will have been pregnant for nearly 13 years of her life. I wish her a happy Mother’s Day tomorrow.
Let’s talk about another lady who loves being a mom – and for good reason. Angelina Jolie has the ‘parental number’ repeated not once, not twice, but THREE times in her blueprint.
It’s a good thing since Jolie and Brad Pitt are expecting twin girls later this year, making their total brood six kids.
Let’s look at the 6. As you can see it is shaped like a woman who is pregnant. Ancients called this number ‘The Cosmic Parent’. People who have it in their blueprint love counseling, nurturing and advising others. They are also very creative since the 6 symbolizes being pregnant with ideas as well. And, since it belongs in the 3-6-9 trilogy, those with a 6 are meant to express themselves in some way.
For Angelina Jolie, the 6 appears as her Destiny Number, her Soul Number AND her Personality Number.
Is it any wonder that she feels such a strong urge to help the needy. She had her first view of poverty while filming ‘Tomb Raider’ in Cambodia. Soon after, Jolie was appointed UN Goodwill Ambassador after traveling to other parts of the world – and insisting on covering all costs relating to her missions.
Three of her children are adopted – Maddox in Cambodia, Zahara from Ethiopia and Pax from Vietnam.
With a 96/6 Destiny, she is also highly creative and emotional. She is attracted to luxury and beauty, and has the right attitude to attain them. In fact, in order for Angelina to express herself completely, she must be comfortable materially and contented mentally.
Once a person with a 96/6 Destiny has become successful on the material plane, in the business or financial world, she shares her bounty generously without expecting anything in return.
Her three 6s will always urge her to help others. She has to remember though to take care of her own needs. There is a danger with this number to neglect yourself.
So you may be wondering where all her risk-taking comes into play. Why does she have such a hunger for adventure and freedom – piloting her own plane, traveling worldwide, being fearless in her choice of acting roles. Well, Angelina’s Life Purpose – 32/5 – is to experience freedom, adventure and transformation.
Plus her current name adds up to the number 14/5. So she has the double 5 vibration fueling her desire to take risks on and off the stage. 14 happens to be the ‘Media Number’, and helps to explain Jolie’s incredible box office draw and media attention.
Here’s another fascinating fact. The Tomb Raider films launched her career into superstardom. ‘Tomb Raider’ also adds up to 14/5, just like her name does.
Blueprints always paint a fascinating picture. Be sure you know what YOUR names and numbers reveal.
Warmest Regards,
Tania Gabrielle
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