It’s been a two year battle. Denise Richards Sheen finally won back her maiden name – two years after her divorce from Charlie Sheen.
I can certainly understand her wish to eliminate a name she no longer wants in her life. But, if she knew what her name Denise Richards added up to…
Unfortunately, it’s not a great number and will mean she continues to face challenges in the future. I’m referring to number 44/8, the same number Hillary Clinton has. The danger with this name is taking bad advice from others and not listening to your intuition.
Denise also is born on a 17/8 Day. And though 17 is a very fortunate number, the second 8 reinforces the difficult qualities of her 8 name.
But I’m NOT suggesting she use her married name ‘Denise Richards Sheen.’ ‘Twas not a good number either, to no one’s surprise. In fact, that name continued the fateful circumstances in her life. So, she’s right to relinquish it.
No, the name which would really help Denise is ‘Denise Richard.’ Take out the S and she gets one of the best numbers for an actress. Namely 14/5, the Media Number. Her life would go from a bumpy road of uncertainty to one of continued joy and success. As well as good media exposure.
Additionally she would eliminate the more abrupt sounding ending to her current last name. ‘Richards’ doesn’t have a feeling of continuity at the end. In fact, when you say the name, it sounds feels abrupt.
Look at Governor Bill Richardson – the ending of his name is mellifluous. It keeps flowing. In fact Richardson’s name is a fabulous number.
Though Denise won’t benefit by using Richardson, ‘Richard’ gives her everything she needs to free herself of unnecessary obstacles.
It goes to show you how easy it is to make a spelling adjustment – and affect the outcome of your life in a positive way. The most important part of the equation is ALWAYS the number your current name adds up to.
No matter which country you’re from and which language you speak, the ancient wisdom of numerology is here to help you.
Warmest Regards,
Tania Gabrielle

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