Last month, while being interviewed on CBS Radio I said that Ron Paul and Mitt Romney have the best numbers for 2012 and Newt Gingrich and others would soon fall by the wayside.

Not surprisingly, Paul and Romney are currently the two names to watch in the Republican race for the Presidency.

For one, Michele Bachman, Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum all have highly challenging current names numbers. Though you can still rise to the top with an unfortunate name number, life will attract many more obstacles along the way, making it a bumpy ride.

As for Jon Huntsman, he is in a 16/7 Personal Year during the election, which keeps him out of the running. (Mitt Romney tackled the effects of a 16 personal year back in 2008…)

Not only are the Romney and Paul’s personal numbers strong for 2012, there is an underlying message being played out between these two candidates that directly connects them to the Astro-Numerology for 2012.

Mitt Romney, contrary to 2008, is in a much better cycle this time around.

Romney’s 10/1 Personal Year means he begins a brand new cycle plus it activates his highly fortunate 10/1 current name number.

However 10 can at times be tricky in that it is the ‘Instant Manifestation’ Number. So Romney is able to manifest things very quickly – good or bad. Plus a 10 name may elicit a ‘love or hate’ if you are a public figure. Famous 10/1 people are Jane Fonda and Ted Turner.

On the other hand a ‘glass-half-full, positive’ person, a 10/1 current name is a great blessing.

The effects of Romney’s new 9-year cycle is doubled after his March 12 birthday, when he’ll enter an 11 ‘Double New Beginnings’ year. Everything for him will change.

Having a 12/3 Day of Birth means Romney has to remain positive – otherwise the combination of his ‘Instant Manifestation’ name and tendency to play the 12 ‘victim card’ may combine for a defeat at the voting booth.

Ron Paul is having all of his personal cycles lit up in lights at just the right time for this election cycle. As a result, he is surprising everyone with his staying power.

Paul is being helped by his highly fortunate name. “Ron Paul” resonates to 14/5 – the Media Number.

Ron Paul is also in a 14/5 Personal Year – great for him, because it activates the ‘Media Number’ even more. His 14/5 year also ties directly to his fortunate 14 name and 10/1 Life Purpose.

By his birthday in August, he will enter a very dynamic 15/6 Personal Year. 15 is a great number for Paul, because his Destiny Number is 69, which reduces to 15. In essence, his career and work will attract much more attention during that cycle.

Not only that, Ron Paul will turn 77 years old in August.

77 is a powerful and spiritual Master Number which ties in directly with the Media – again. The combination of his 15/6 Year and 77/14/5 age along with his 14 name during the last three months of the election cycle will help keep Ron Paul’s message in the limelight throughout the foreseeable future.

This is assuming Paul decides to remain a candidate.

Ron Paul and Mitt Romney have very different philosphies. Their differing views are represented in the two planets that are going to be coming together for some powerful fireworks this coming June and beyond – Pluto and Uranus.

The effect of this 90 degree ‘square’ between these two planets is already being felt worldwide…

Pluto symbolizes power, transformation and control – the planet of corporate power and big government.

Uranus represents sudden shifts, out-of-the-box ideas and Freedom from control.

The last time these two planets interacted with each other was in the 1960s. Now we are marking the onset of another multi-year period of Uranus check-mating Pluto. But this time there is more tension involved. This is one of three powerful alignments that are going to make 2012 so unpredictable.

It certainly makes for a fascinating election year…

Keep in mind, Romney and Paul are experiencing good election year cycles, yet they are ALSO being supported by their highly fortunate names.

Your name either activates your birth numbers in a positive or challenging way. So make sure your current name is supporting you, especially in 2012… not creating unnecessary obstacles.

Love and Blessings,

Tania Gabrielle

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