What’s the most important word in your vocabulary. Which word couldn’t you do without.
Most likely it’ the word Love. Yes, it can be overused, as in ‘I love chocolate,’ or ‘I just love it when you say that.’ But without love, life would not be possible.
In Pythagorean Numerology ‘Love’ adds up to 18/9. 9 IS the number for love, compassion and brotherhood. People with strong 9s in their Pythagorean Blueprint have a deep urge to help others. The 9 is a leadership vibration. This is very significant. And not always understood about the true meaning of Love.
Think about this. When a person is filled with Love for everything and everyone, he will lead from the heart. Love will inform all his decisions. Doesn’t mean he won’t be strong – no. This person is infused by the ultimate power. Why? Because Love allows him to transmute any negative influence or attack directed at him. Love IS the highest form of alchemy. This is why a person who feels true Love is the ultimate teacher and leader.
When love is absent in a leader, as in Hitler, he leads humanity into a place of fear and hate. Hate is isolating – it’s significant therefore that ‘hate’ adds up to 16/7, a challenging and often lonely number.
Contrast that with a strong leader who lives and teaches about the power of Love, and you immediately see the spiritual nature of the word. In the truest sense of the word, Love means non-attachment. And yet Love is about passion.
How is this possible.
The number 9 explains it perfectly. Look at the circle on the top. A circle symbolizes never-ending movement – a continuous circular energy as reflected in all stellar objects, orbits and the cells of our body. This circle in the 9 sits on top of a round hook anchoring the circle into the physical, three dimensional world.
The circle Also looks like a head and represents a mind which is above the fray, has a birds-eye view of life and doesn’t get caught up in emotional drama. Here we see the non-attachment of Love. The gentle rounded hook connects the high-minded 9 to earth, but allows it to float freely in the air, like a kite. This shows the passionate freedom of Love in action.
Love must be free to go everywhere. No one is excluded from the influence of this most powerful of feelings. No one remains untouched when Love is shared.
Consider these astonishing facts about the number 9. Nine contains all the numbers before it.
The “Nine Mystery”, composed of numbers 3 -6- 9, is the deepest of all mysteries demonstrated in mathematics. 9 is the only number capable of GIVING LIFE to every other number, because when nine adds itself to each number, that number is not lost. No other number added to other numbers has this power. This is why 9 is called the King of Numbers.
The powerful Love of this number is expressed in the fact that it takes 9 months to create a human being.
The mean normal heartbeat or pulse is 72 times a minute, equaling 9.
The circle has 360 = 9 degrees.
There are 86,400 seconds in a day = 18 reducing to 9.
Average number of heartbeats per hour is 4,320, equaling 9.
In 24 hours, a heart beats an average of 103,680 times – again 18/9.
So, by the very design of our heart, our body’s cells, the stars, planets and our circle around the sun, Love is expressed mathematically by always reducing to a 9. Now that’s extraordinary.
If your Pythagorean Blueprint includes the number 9 as your Life Purpose, Soul, Destiny or Personality Numbers, consider yourself blessed. Compassion is a feeling you resonate with. Remember you will be asked to help others, because of your loving nature.
The numbers in our lives are real. Like your beating heart, they are alive and active all the time. For this reason alone it is vital for you to know your personal numbers. Get the gift of a lifetime now – there is nothing more fulfilling than reconnecting with yourself. You will be forever changed.
With Warm Regards,
Tania Gabrielle
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