Young singer and TV star of ‘Hannah Montana’ fame has officially changed her name to Miley Ray Cyrus.
Yeah she’s young – only 15 years old – but considering her immense talents this was a Very good move. For one, her given name, Destiny Cyrus, doesn’t roll off the tongue like Miley Ray Cyrus does. You want the feeling of your name to be mellifluous, flowing and appetizing to the ear.
‘Destiny Cyrus’ has a lot of ‘S’ sounds. A total of 3 to be exact. If you say both names out loud, you’ll hear what I mean. Miley Ray Cyrus just feels better. As a musician, she’s definitely going with a more appealing name.
Her dad, country singer Billy Ray Cyrus, gave her the nickname ‘Smiley Miley’ when she was a baby, because she was always in a sunny mood.
So what do the new name numbers say.
First of all she was known for two names – Destiny Cyrus and Miley Cyrus. Both are 11 names in the Chaldean system. 11 is a Master Number, thus we see her mastery on stage and screen. However it can present challenges as well. There is a sense of two opposing energies with an 11 name. So she’ll feel divided at times.
Miley was born on the 23rd, a number promising rewards and success in both personal life and career. 23 is a highly fortunate number and referred to as the ‘Star of the Lion’ by the ancients.
As a result, IF Miley goes by her new legal name, Miley Ray Cyrus, the world will be her oyster – for a lifetime. Using her full name results in the highly fortunate 33. The combo of he 23 day of birth and 33 name will create miracles and move mountains. 33 gives her an extraordinary original and creative mind. The promise of financial success is truly great with this name.
I hope Miley Ray Cyrus does end up using her full name from now on – and tap into the full potential of her talents.
As for your current name, make sure it’s a fortunate one. Day after day I see in my clients’ goals and talents succeed because they made sure they were using a fortunate name. A fortunate name brings immense rewards.
Remember, Madonna didn’t know her life would change dramatically when she got rid of her last name, Ciccone. Her drive to succeed went into superdrive once she embraced the incredibly fortunate name of ‘Madonna’ and released the challenges of ‘Madonna Ciccone.’
There’s no reason to wait. Find out how YOUR name adds up in the Is My Name Fortunate? report.
Then let me know how your life changes.
Warmest Regards,
Tania Gabrielle

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