I was struck yet again by the amazing
information contained in numbers when I looked at Afghanistan.


This country is in the news again, along with


Why is Afghanistan so important.


Look at a map and you see the real reason for
Western military involvement. Afghanistan sits next to several middle Eastern
countries rich in oil and natural gas. Though Afghanistan doesn't have much of
its own petroleum, it borders both Iran and Turkmenistan – countries with the
second and third largest natural gas reserves in the world. Russia is first.


You don't hear much talk about Turkmenistan. Its
huge natural gas reserves can only get out through pipelines. They used to be
Soviet built until 1991.


Now the Russians are building a pipeline to the
north. The Chinese are building a new pipeline to the east. And the U.S. wants
‘multiple oil and gas export routes.' So it's a pipeline power game.


Pipelines are what railways were in the 19th
century. Their routes and resources show the competition for control in the
region. They influence the regional balance of power. So, Afghanistan is a
vital piece of real estate in the struggle for dominance in this part of the


Meanwhile Russia is planning her own pipelines to
feed customers in Europe. And Iran is planning a pipeline to Pakistan and


And there's the rub. You see, the U.S. supports
a pipeline from Turkmenistan through Afghanistan to Pakistan and India. So it's
not happy about a pipeline coming from Iran.


Other countries want in as well.


So it's a big game of geopolitics. And
Afghanistan lies smack in the middle of it all.


Fittingly the Life Purpose Number for
Afghanistan is 38/11, giving great power – as well as a tendency for division
and trusting the wrong people.


Right now the personal cycle for Afghanistan in
2009 is 29/11 FULLY activating the 11 Life Purpose. So the next 11 months
through August, 2010 are very, very critical.


It's no surprise then that there are
high-profile meetings going on in Washington D.C. this week about whether to
add thousands of more troops.


Notice there are a lot of 1s in Afghanistan's
Blueprint. Aside from the number 11, the birthday on 8.19.1919 has three 19s
which reduce to 1. The name used most often for this country -‘Afghanistan' – adds
up to 37/10/1. What the number 1 indicates is independence, pride, originality
and a drive to win.


No empire in history has ever been able
subjugate the people of Afghanistan. But so many of them have tried.


Finally, the Destiny Number for ‘Islamic
Republic of Afghanistan' adds up to what I call the ‘victim number.' Yes,
there's been much victimization in this part of the world.


During the next two years you will hear a lot
more about Afghanistan. The numbers guarantee it.


Warm Regards,


Tania Gabrielle


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