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so-called ‘trial of the century' ended yesterday in Orlando, Florida.


Unlike many other Americans, I have not been watching or
keeping track. I find most stuff on TV is meant to distract you from living
your own life.


said that, after a friend told me about yesterday's verdict, I decided to check
the numbers for Casey Anthony on July 5. After all, most people were shocked
she was acquitted of all major charges and may walk free tomorrow.


look at Casey Anthony's numerology birth blueprint first. She was born on


has a 19 Day of Birth, which reduces to 10/1.


Life Purpose Number is 37, which also reduces to 10/1.


birth name adds up to a 79/16/7 Destiny Number.


puts all three of Casey's important birth numbers in the 1-5-7 ‘Mind' Triad. So
she's very happy at keeping her own counsel and does not ‘mind' being on her
own. Two 1's and a 7 create a brilliant mind, yet there are factors of
isolation and even narcissism that may appear if the person is not balanced


her current name ‘Casey Anthony' resonates to 41/5 which also falls in the
1-5-7 Mind triad.


look at her blueprint more closely.


Ancient Egyptian Numerology, the number 19 of Casey's Day of Birth is in the ‘Truth'
gateway. This means Casey will be confronted with issues of honesty and
standing in her own truth – the flipside is she can easily cover up her
insecurities with lies.


that reason, people born on the 19th, like Bill Clinton, can be good
at lying. The flipside is, they can also see through situations and uncover the truth.


all her birth numbers are in the Mind triad, Casey's quick, incisive thinking
can either help her with the power of self analysis and logic – or hinder her,
where she is mired in a web of mind games, over-analysis, and worry.


helps Casey to manifest so quickly are her two powerful 10's – the ‘Instant
Manifestation' number.


in mind, 10 can go either way depending on your outlook on life. The power to swing
toward the negative is just as strong as the power to manifest positive
How a 10 reflects in your life greatly depends on whether
you can see the difference between good and evil, and act accordingly.


This is why people with 10 current
names or birth numbers elicit really strong responses of love OR hate in
others. There is no middle ground between honor and dishonor.


Since Casey's Destiny adds up to
16/7, she carries even more power.


One meaning the 16/7 carries is of
‘a person with a crown on her head being struck by lightning and falling from a
high place.' Note, that the crown is on her head, and that she will exhibit
this dramatic up and down movement throughout her life UNTIL she connects and
trusts and follows her intuition – symbolized by the number 7.


Why was she acquitted yesterday?
The answer lies in Casey's current cycles.


• She is in a 17/8 Personal Year. This
is the Immortality Number, giving her power and indicates she is going to leave
a legacy behind.


Casey is born in 1986, the 86th year of the century,
which reduces to 14/5 and ties her to July 5.


July 5 is a 5 Day which stands
for ‘Freedom'

• She is 25 years old, which
reduces to 7 – her Destiny Number, and another 1-5-7 activation of her birth


Casey Anthony's 41/5 current name ensures the media,
including publishers, will be knocking on her door for the rest of her life.
41/5 is referred to as the ‘Politician's Number' by the ancients, due to the
magnetic draw it wields on attracting large crowds which are so favored by


Casey's 41/5 name also ensures the
media, including publishers, will be knocking on her door for the rest of her



As for little Caylee Anthony, she
carried the numbers of Love and Compassion in her blueprint. Caylee was born on
a 9 Day and died in a 9 Personal Year. 9 signifies unconditional love and the
humanitarian spirit. In a cycle,
like her 9 Personal Year, it indicates culminations and


Caylee's Life Purpose was 24/6 – a number of family,
home and compassion. The 6 and 9 ‘Emotional' numbers are one reason people
still feel so protected and invested in getting justice for Caylee. She has
connected to people's hearts.


It is fascinating that Casey Anthony is experiencing
a 24/6 Personal Month in July, 2011 – connecting her directly to Caylee's 24/6 Life


Caylee's birth name adds up to
86/14/5 – the Media Number, showing why her name will live on in the media
spotlight. It also connects her with her mother Casey's 41/5 name and her
mother's 14/5 Personal Year right now.


Note that Caylee Anthony was officially listed as missing on
June 16, the very same number as her mother's 16 Destiny Number.


Finally, ‘Caylee Anthony' adds up
to 10/1 in the ancient Chaldean system I use for current names. It is the
‘Instant Manifestation' number and ties her directly to her mother Casey's
two important 10/1
birth numbers.


For so many, this dramatic story has brought up the
deepest, most primal emotions. Now it is time to refocus – on You. It's always
easier to point out other people's mistakes. If you have been invested in this
trial, shift gears today and focus on creating your own freedom and happiness.
You'll feel better right away.


And in July, an 11 Universal Month in 2011 – choose
to accept and love others as they are, unconditionally.


For more on making the most out of
this important month, watch my latest July Forecast Video below.


Love and Blessings,



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  1. Lon Spector April 17, 2013 at 2:28 pm - Reply

    Dear Madam:
    I am responding to your blog about Casey Anthony. Please forgive the
    lateness of the day as I am only learning to use a computer now.
    I think that Casey should be loved as any other person should be.
    Love is a state of elevated perception. There is never a good reason to
    hate. If we can’t say anything positive about a person we shouldn’t say
    anything at all.
    Numerology, and the other psychic arts can tell us much about Casey.
    I send out only love to her!

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