Today we are remembering the events that unfolded exactly eight years
ago today.


I remember this date for another reason as well.
My husband and I were due to fly to Hawaii for a vacation on 9/11.  Certain dates will always be etched in
our memory.


For example two days ago, on 9.9.09 I had a
triple 4 activated. This number is about manifesting, paying attention to small
details, creating order and working hard.


Fortunately my husband was out of town so I got
up earlier than usual to get my daughter off to school. I say fortunately
because in my inbox and on my voicemail were numerous requests for interviews
from national news organizations and radio shows.


The intense pressure turned into a fun game for
me – I thought, ‘what else can you expect from a triple-4 day.'


Everyone has three numbers activated every day.



When US magazine interviewed me about Nicole
Richie giving birth to her son on 9/9/09, I looked at her cycles. She is in a 5
Personal Year, so that day the triple 5 was lit up for her. 5 covers pregnancy
and unexpected events.


This number lies in the middle of numbers 1
through 9 and often signifies a turning point and change.


If you just look at the figure of the 5 you can
see it's the only number that points backward AND forwards. You never know
what's coming in a 5 cycle – it is always a pivot point.



Just the other day ABC announced Diane Sawyer
would replace Charles Gibson and become the new anchor for ABC News this coming
January 2010.


Well wouldn't you know that Sawyer is currently
ending a full 9-year-cycle this year and beginning a brand NEW nine-year cycle
in 2010. Perfect timing.


As for Charles Gibson, like Nicole Richie he is
in a 5 Personal Year right now – signifying a pivot point in his life. This is
when many people are faced with making decisions that will change the course of
their next few years, until a brand new cycle begins.


You can get a great idea of the powerful meaning
for each number just by looking at it's image.


For example, notice that the three numbers of
self-expression and feeling are all rounded – 3, 6, 9. And that the powerful
number 8 is the only number you can draw over and over again without lifting
your pen. The wise and intelligent 7 looks and feels like a bolt of lightning.
4 is shaped like a manifesting divining rod.


Numbers will send you amazing messages every
day. The question is, how do you interpret each numbers' recipe.


I reveal those secrets in my new ‘Triple
Platinum Numbers System' Seminar package


Check it out NOW. You'll be
glad you did, for an entire lifetime.


Warmest Regards,

 Tania Gabrielle

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