WikiLeaks has again made front
page news today. The focus this time is on backstage diplomacy efforts,
especially from the U.S.


The U.S. is in a Personal Year of
continuous unexpected events – with a twist.


These sudden issues will be
magnified more than usual in the media and online. This is because the U.S. is
in a 14/5 Personal Year – and 14 is the Media Number.


So more events and issues than
usual will be aired online and elsewhere than usual.


In fact, it is such an important
year of change precisely because the U.S. has a Life Purpose or full Birthday
Number of 32/5 – 32 is called ‘The Politician's Number' by the ancients. Thus
the current 14/5 cycle for the U.S. triggers sudden events related to political


Additionally, this month the U.S.
is experiencing a 16/7. Your Personal Month number brings more color and detail
as to how your Personal Year will be felt at this time.


The combination of 14/5 and 16/7
is very dynamic. 16 is also about sudden events just like 14/5, however – 16
events often feel like the rug is pulled out from under you – and the wind taken
out of your sails.


It must be how the whole
diplomatic community has been feeling the last few days as U.S. diplomats scrambled
to calm their international colleagues in preparation for yesterday's leak.


Note that there were 250,000
classified cables released – another number that reduces to 7. In current
events, 7 acts as a lightning rod of awakening.


The official head of American
foreign policy is Hillary Clinton.


Clinton just entered a 12/3
Personal Year. The 3 relates beautifully to her birth blueprint, however the 12
can bring up issues of her either feeling like a victim, or victimizing others.


Even the cable, simply signed
‘CLINTON' was sent to 33 embassies and U.N. missions.


Interestingly, Hillary Clinton is
in a 14/5 Personal Month in November.


This means that her current cycles
function as a trigger for U.S. foreign policy – her 14 Month in November
triggers the U.S. 14/5 Personal Year.


It's just like in Astrology, where
a faster moving planet comes along and ‘triggers'  a slow moving planet that is affecting you right now.


Clinton's 14/5 is that catalyst
right now.


Interestingly news of the leaked
documents reached the world today – the 29th of November.


29 is an 11.


November is an 11.


11 symbolizes walking through the
gateway of truth into the unknown. When this is not accomplished, an 11 always
indicates inner and outer division.


When you feel out of sync or in
need of balance, you can check your numbers for verification. Then take the
positive meaning of each number and turn your situation around.


Your current cycles reveal what is
on the agenda for you Now. Your approach to those issues is helped tremendously
by understanding the meaning of your numbers.


For a detailed look on what is
going on for you right now and your forecast for 2011, talk to me in person.


I will
show you how you can take any number affecting you right now and actively create
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Warmest Regards,

Tania Gabrielle


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