Since we moved a few days ago, I wasn’t able to catch the Wimbledon Finals over the weekend.
Number one, our TV won’t be hooked up until Friday. And number two, I’ve been unpacking.
I did read online between opening boxes that Venus Williams beat her sister Serena to continue her reign as Queen of Wimbledon. As for the men, the final yesterday is already considered to be the best tennis match ever played.
So I had to check out the numbers of both players.
Years ago, during my tennis watching days, I attended some matches at Wimbledon’s Centre Court and watched such greats as Steffi Graf, Boris Becker, Monica Seles and Andre Agassi from just a few feet away.
Today Roger Federer is the King of Tennis, though he’s having a tough time of it in 2008. He’s been the number 1 ranked player for a record 232 straight weeks. The Swiss phenom has won 12 Grand Slam singles titles. He’s made it to 10 straight Grand Slam finals between the 2005 Wimbledon Championships through the 2007 U.S. Open – one of his many records.
A number of tennis experts consider him the best player in history. Interestingly, Federer and Tiger Woods are close friends.
Yesterday he lost to another amazing athlete, Spaniard Rafael Nadal.
I immediately noticed both their first names, Roger and Rafael, begin with an R, a very forward moving, brilliant letter. Look at the loop at the top. It represents the head and an ability to think clearly, to ingest knowledge and use it creatively. At this point the letter looks like a P.
The R has a leg moving forward coming directly from the head. This symbolizes moving ahead by using forward thinking. Many great teachers, writers and leaders have Rs in their name. Since the circle at the top is closed, it means these people retain their knowledge and think deeply about things.
Rs are a Number 9 letter and represent completion.
Now back to yesterday’s Wimbledon Final and a closer look at Roger Federer.
He was born on the 8th day of the 8th month. Having a prominent 8 in his Personal Blueprint not only gives him strength, leadership and a yearning for wealth, but also challenges him to test his strength by overcoming obstacles. Many great athletes have 8s in their blueprints.
Right now Federer happens to be in a 26/8 Personal Year in 2008. This makes things challenging – more so for him, since the 8 is mirrored in his blueprint.
He will have many mental and physical obstacles to overcome all year. Consider Roger started out the year in Australia with a stomach virus which forced him to pull out of his first tournament of 2008.
His winning streak so far has not matched the past few years, and yesterday he partly blamed poor lighting for his loss to Rafael Nadal.
The match was so close it went on for a long time. Longer than any other final. London only stays light for so long, and both players could barely see the ball during the 5th set. Had Nadal not come through in the final game of the match, play would have been suspended and continued today.
Federer would have loved that scenario. But it wasn’t to be.
Then consider Rafael Nadal is in a 19/1 Personal Year and it’s clear why the match went his way yesterday. When an athlete experiences a 1 year of any kind, he or she Feels like Number 1. Any obstacle is seen as an opportunity to inch ahead of your competitor – such as last night when both players couldn’t even see the ball.
Roger Federer will be back – there’s no doubt in my mind. Next year he’ll be in an extraordinary 27/9 cycle.
Congratulations to both players.
On another note of celebration, many of you were enjoying the 4th of July weekend and didn’t find out about my Summer Special until now.
If you’ve already responded to this Special, many thanks. If you haven’t there’s still a little more time. I’ve decided to extend it one more day.
Check it out Now here.
Warmest Regards,
Tania Gabrielle

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