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if you knew it was the very last time you would see a person in your life. How
would you choose to experience that moment?


is a 10/1 Universal Month. So right now we are experiencing the 1 frequency of
new beginnings in a big way.


in 2011 we are feeling the 11th year of the century.


is a lot of number 1 energy, bringing many opportunities for change and
rebirth. With change comes uncertainty. Most people are sensing a big shift in
their lives, and are wondering more than ever what they should do about it.


will not happen without letting go.


will not give something to you if you do not understand death.


just understand death, but embrace it, love it – welcome it at every moment, in
any situation.


back to seeing each person as if it was the last time – your experience of that
last meeting would be filled with such passion, honesty and focus, because you knew
at the core how much this moment mattered to you.


this passion to every moment of your life.


June, 2011 you have a great opportunity to shift your mind about life and
death. To see life and death as one, interrelated and inseparable.


number 11 in 2011 stands for a gateway. You can choose to keep the two 1's
divided, like two paths that are separate, creating a feeling of incompletion
and division within you.


you have the choice to risk it all and walk through the 11 gateway into the


you choose to stay separate you will look past the experience, past the 11
gateway instead of right THROUGH it.


you choose to walk through the gateway, you see right THROUGH everything.


is what it means to be deeply engaged in any moment – as if it were your final
moment. Then life and death are a reality for you, and your fear of living and
dying disappear.


when you stop looking PAST what is right in front of you, will you be able to
enjoy your life. Why? Because by looking through the gateway of truth, you
understand it, you contemplate it and you know for sure what your current
reality is. This ‘knowing' sets you free.


the other hand, looking past the moment will create illusions in your mind. And
living in an illusion is painful.


the risk, embrace every experience, and the illusion is gone. When you choose
to see THROUGH everything you experience life for what it really is.


is what walking through the gateway of the 11 means for everyone this year.


make this the last day of your life. Do this every day. And watch the miracles,
both small and large, unfold in front of you.


Love and Blessings,

Tania Gabrielle


P.S. In numerology you are given
one important tool – you have the ability to check the frequency of your
current name and make sure it is a good number. With a fortunate current name,
it will be much easier to fulfill your Life Purpose and Destiny as revealed in
your birth numbers.


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