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Design Your Life – Design Your Destiny!

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At the exact moment you took your first breath
your soul activated a unique birth code
which holds the key to understanding your past, present
and future cycles.

“Discover how the most profound and precise
Mystery School allows you to use your code to chart a
course of Abundance and Happiness!”


Dear Friend,

tania-gabrielleNumerology begins with counting and numbers… Astrology begins with one of the oldest symbols – the circle.

On October 4-6, 2013 a very select group of spiritual coaches will be introduced to one of the most powerful interpretive spiritual forecast systems available today. This brand new and updated system measures and defines the cycles of your life – past, present and future – in the greatest detail.

Picture charts in front of you, which map out your “spiritual DNA code”. These are your soul’s navigation maps – they are meant to be made visible, understood and capitalized on in order to help you create a life of abundance, peace and joy! Your soul’s spiritual DNA code connects you to the Universal grid. Imagine being able to interpret your part in this grid – easily and quickly. Imagine zeroing in on your present and future opportunities!

The great philosopher Pythagoras was the first Western mathematician, numerologist, astronomer, astrologer and musician to teach the mysteries and secrets contained in this spiritual grid, which are now confirmed by Quantum Physics.

Manifest Magical Moments … and Design Your Destiny!

Notice how similar these two words are: CYCLE and CIRCLE. Why is that?

Cycles are a rhythm of ebb and flow – creating moments of resting and cresting on the top of the wave. One cycle ends as another begins. This is the eternal and internal rhythm of life.

A circle completes itself. It is never-ending. A circle continues, moving eternally with no beginning or end.

The cycles of life are mapped out in the circular astro-numerology chart. Your circle of life contains cycles within cycles. Having knowledge of specific cycles within larger cycles enables you to tap into the most powerful forecast tool available today. When you know your cycles, you are in a spectacular position to leverage important moments. You become the designer of your own destiny.

If you are ready to delve deeply into your soul’s cycles of life – past, present and future – you are in the right place!

I will be teaching this precise and magnificent divination system during the “Design Your Destiny” LIVE Intensive in early October. You will never see the Truth of your own personal life experience so clearly mapped out as during this special weekend!

(In order to attend this powerful and life-changing intensive, you must have some basic knowledge of numerology and astrology.)

When you join me in Los Angeles, you are going to:

  • Receive crystal clear guidance for your business and personal success, by literally seeing the design of your future life cycles (and what may be holding you back), so you can truly leverage upcoming opportunities
  • Have a chance to be on the “HOT SEAT” when Tania will give you an in-depth one-on-one reading by addressing your concerns, goals, blockages and dreams – so you are freed up to leap forward and claim your abundance
  • Be able to network with other successful spiritual seekers and entrepreneurs so you can develop friendships, collaborations and partnerships for future business opportunities.
  • Receive a priceless workshop Guidebook with marked up astronumerology charts from Tania’s private collection!
  •  Learn and become proficient in using this incredible divination tool so you substantially increase your expertise as a healer and coach and be of even greater value to your clients.
  • Move forward and backward in time in every area of your life – often just from a quick glance at a natal astrology chart! **Tania will be referring to attendees' personal astro-numerology charts – past, present and future – throughout the weekend!**

You will be guided to unlock the secret cyclical codes embedded in your past, present and future astro-numerology maps.

18 Lucky Attendees will discover the timing of their greatest breakthroughs…

Solar Arc ForecastIn order to make this a hands-on, personal breakthrough weekend for you, I am only accepting 18 attendees. This will guarantee all of you will receive special attention during the three-day event.

When we come together “LIVE”, the energy generated in the room will be magical, magnetic and magnificent. All of us will benefit from each other in a deeply profound way!

You know you are meant to attend this special intensive.

You know you feel compelled to be initiated into this brand new mystery school.

Those who come will leave transformed, inspired and awakened to their own destiny and a PRECISE divination art like NO other.

Are you committed to living a life of consciously designed joy and prosperity?

If so, please JOIN ME!

There are only  18  3  spots available.

This live event will NOT be  live-streamed, released on DVD or repeated.


First Come, First Served
*Special Registration OFFER!*

1-Pay $1,297* BEST DEAL


Easy Financing Plan
2-Pay of $657 (two payments, 30 days apart)


Easy Financing Plan
5-Pay of $267 (five payments, 30 days apart)



  • This “Design Your Destiny” exclusive event is one-of-a-kind. It will never be repeated or be available on DVD later on. You must attend LIVE to reap the rewards.
  • There is only room for 18 Attendees and then the intensive is SOLD OUT.
  • When will you experience this joining of like-minded souls in the same room where the whole purpose is to elevate your mind, body and spirit by learning how to design your own abundant Destiny?



We have secured a special room rate of ONLY $119/night at
the luxurious Westin Los Angeles Airport Hotel

*The hotel provides a free airport shuttle*

All reservation details will be emailed to you once you register for the event.

Please note: Tania suggests you arrive by the early afternoon of Friday, October 4 as the event begins at 5pm. The event ends on Sunday, October 6 at 4pm.


My Money-Back, No Risk,
No Hassle Guarantee!

If you are unable to attend, you have up until 30 days prior to the event for a full refund. No refunds will be issued for any reason after the 30-day mark unless you attend the event and are not fully, 100% satisfied at the end of the first day. No refunds will be issued after the first day.

If you are not satisfied by the end of the first day, just quietly turn in your materials and we will refund all your money!

If you are ready for this transformational three-day experience where you will learn the timing of your soul's cycles and take this knowledge to activate your Destiny in the most powerful way, then join me now (before it's too late!)


1-Pay $1,297* BEST DEAL


Easy Financing Plan
2-Pay of $657 (two payments, 30 days apart)


Easy Financing Plan
5-Pay of $267 (five payments, 30 days apart)